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Jumpstart your path to media stardom by taking this 30-day challenge

  (templates, articles, videos, and tons of resources await!)

Fit Pros: Ready to get publicity and clients like nobody’s business? I can help!


But First Does Any of this sound like you?

  • Have you seen other fit pros getting tons of publicity—and wish you knew how they did it?
  • Have you got clients but want a strategy that attracts them faster?
  • Are you already successful and want to uplevel your business…without working longer hours and sacrificing family time?

If so, then getting media attention is just what you need. When executed correctly, it can change your business overnight.


But here’s the big secret many media trainers don’t always share…


Getting publicity doesn’t lead to a rush of new clients if you don’t do this one thing.


The truth is publicity doesn’t equal more clients unless you create a solid plan for it. Because nothing’s worse than spending time trying to capture media attention only to see that your phone isn’t ringing off the hook with prospects.


You must have a system in place for turning media attention into income.


And that’s my specialty!


I know how to attract the media because I’ve worked in print, radio, and TV.


Think the media is some ivory tower with impenetrable doors? I show fit pros just like you how to get the doors opened, regularly.

I use my 25 years’ experience to teach you and other fit pros how to “big up” your business using traditional media, social media and something I call “business savvy media.” These are the same tactics I used to achieve massive growth in little time for my own fit pro business.


I know exactly what the media wants, how you should pitch to them and what stories are hot (and when!).


Plus, I know the critical mistakes to avoid so you don’t hurt your chances of getting publicity.


We’ll not only open those doors, but we’ll make you attractive to new clients along the way.


Want to take get media stardom that lands clients? Here’s your first step!


If you’re ready to get the fame and clients you deserve, sign up for my free 30 Day Challenge. You’ll access our private Facebook group plus templates, checklists, and resources. It’s insider information only the top media trainers know…until now!


I cannot begin to describe what it’s been like working with Yvonne Radley. The opportunities that have come my way have been AMAZING. Yvonne takes you through everything so you understand it and everything she tells you to do just works. It’s brilliant. Since joining her I’ve won Fit Pro of the Year 2013, I became the face of Argos and am featured on the sports section of their website, I was named one of the Top 100 Fitness Gurus in leading UK Magazine Top Sante and I have become the Director Of Sport for Children in the North East. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. I’ve been in loads of papers, magazines and on radio and even got my own TV show and there’s more to come so watch this space…. that’s all I can say for now.

Katie Bulmer Cooke,
BBC1's The Apprentice


Media that Yvonne has worked for or enabled clients to be featured in

  • dailymail
  • womansown
  • times
  • thesun
  • dailytelegraph
  • sundaymirror
  • shortlist
  • bbc
  • news
  • mailonsunday
  • heart
  • guardian
  • gold
  • dailystar
  • dailyexpress
  • global
  • dailymirror
  • classic
  • chat
  • capital
  • bella
  • TVquick
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Jumpstart your path to media stardom by taking this 30-day challenge

  (templates, articles, videos, and tons of resources await!)