If you’ve had a little taste of media fame by getting your Press Release published or appearing yourself on local radio did you make the most of it?


[And if you didn’t get your five minutes of fame yet you might wanna check out Media School]


And more importantly did you turn that fame into hard cash?


You may not realise this but one of the things I do is teach people what to do AFTER they get the fame.


It’s a crucial step that most PR companies ignore.


They get you on TV or in a magazine and then leave you to fend for yourself. 


You’re left with a video or a jpeg of your article and not a penny to show for all your hard work.




What’s the point in that?


When you get valuable publicity like that….


And it is valuable [I had one client who made an extra £32K/year just from getting her Press Releases published every month and getting 3 new clients every time] you have to shout it from the rooftops.


You have to splash that jpeg or video all over social media on every platform you use.


And not just once


Get it on rotation using a scheduler so it comes out 3 times the first week.


Twice the second week – once the week after and even 3 and 6 months down the line.


Are you doing that? Or is your article sitting on your hard drive somewhere gathering dust? 


Don’t worry people won’t get annoyed with you. You could even post it 3 times a day nowadays on your Facebook Page and they still may not see it because of the way the algorithm works. Hell I’d even send it out as a boosted post to make sure lots of people get a glimpse.


Next, send that baby to your email list – let your clients KNOW you are famous, especially if you are getting quoted in national magazines as a health expert.


Think they are ever going to leave you? Nope. And your retention rates just went up 100%. Why train with the trainer down the road when you are already with the best?


Next get that baby on your website “As featured on the BBC” or “As seen in Mother and Baby” you want a button right at the top of your home page and stick it next to your sales buttons too.


When a client lands on your page and they are deciding between you and the other trainer in your town – which one do you think they will pick?


Damn right! The famous one because they must be the best right?


​​​​​​​Publicity never dies and so even if you were featured 3 years ago bring it back out for the world to see.


Nowadays it’s not just about getting fame it’s about leveraging that fame to get you more clients and ultimately more money.


Now go get ’em.


And if you want help getting featured then check out my digital program Media School which walks you through that step by step. MEDIA SCHOOL.


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