1-2-1 Coaching that Accelerates the Path
to Publicity for Entrepreneur Coaches

“The way Yvonne coaches and puts her information across is so, so, easy to follow there’s no media jargon and it really, really works.” – Katie Bulmer Cooke – BBC1’s The Apprentice

It’s true: When you get media savvy, you get more clients.

I can help you make that happen with private coaching that is 100% no fluff!

Yvonne’s coaching will show you step by step how to get your message out there so you get more credibility and more ideal clients interested in you. She gives you the tools you need to craft your pitch and deliver it so that you can start changing lives, including your own.

Private Coaching with Yvonne Provides These Signature Benefits:

You will:

  • Plan your media campaign and get expert media mentorship with weekly calls with Yvonne – it’s like having your own in-house marketing department at a fraction of the cost.
  • Learn how to pitch your articles or quotes to top newspapers and magazines and the networking skills you need to make it happen).
  • Get placed in leading industry magazines and boost your credibility and visibility.
  • Prepare your media marketing (so you’ll never miss important deadlines, and be way ahead of any competition) with your very own customized Monthly Forward Planner aimed at fitness and wellness – you can’t buy this anywhere because it’s made especially for you.
  • Learn insider media secrets by getting access to content-rich webinars so you know how to get into newspapers, magazine, radio and TV.
  • Get hundreds of story ideas from Yvonne’s blogs, exclusive Big Me Up Tips and articles.
  • Stay current on marketing trends and news so you stay one step ahead of your competition all the time.

The best part? Yvonne’s 1-2-1 programs work for you no matter what fitness, wellness or coaching business you are in

Yvonne works with Personal trainers, Boot Camp owners, Beauty Product owners, Zumba teachers, Life Coaches, Pilates Instructors, physiotherapists, hypnotherapists and much more.  She has experience in the media industry from every angle as well. That means you can always count on Yvonne’s solid advice because it’s based on what works now for YOU.


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