121 Personal Coaching with Yvonne Radley designed to help you hit your media and business goals

Start working on yourself now and beat the competition in 2020

Is this you?

You know you are good at what you do but you feel invisible or left behind nowadays. It’s hard to reach those people you know you could help. All you need is a guide to show you how to find them and how to shine the spotlight on you as the expert.

Getting in the media is still one of the fastest ways to gain authority, and when you are seen as the expert it makes those dreaded sales so much easier.

In fact when it comes to selling Yvonne will tell you it’s not about what you do on the day it’s about what you do on all those days in between. She has a unique way of teaching people how to sell in a gentle way. She learnt from the best, mainly American mentors like Marie Forleo, Todd Herman, Melanie Duncan and Nathalie Lussier.

She will share her busienss techniques with you too. She is a bit woo woo but she loves a deadline too so be prepared to be challenged, set huge goals and take action.

On the business side she teaches content marketing so she’s all about blogging, email marketing, social media and getting in a room with people and sharing your knowledge online and offline. She’ll even show you where to look and what to do with your hands while giving a talk.

When it comes to the media – here’s how it will work. 

  • Plan your media campaign and get expert media mentorship with weekly calls with Yvonne – it’s like having your own in-house marketing department at a fraction of the cost.
  • Learn how to pitch your articles or quotes to top newspapers and magazines and the networking skills you need to make it happen).
  • Get placed in leading industry magazines and boost your credibility and visibility.
  • Prepare your media marketing (so you’ll never miss important deadlines, and be way ahead of any competition) with your very own customized Monthly Forward Planner aimed at fitness and wellness – you can’t buy this anywhere because it’s made especially for you.
  • Learn her insider media secrets so you know how to get into newspapers, magazine, radio and TV.
  • Get hundreds of story ideas from Yvonne designed for your business alone. You can use these for PR, social media and blogs.
  • Stay current on marketing trends and news so you stay one step ahead of your competition all the time.


Some of the people who’ve got great results working with Yvonne

Karen Austin

Yvonne has been my coach since she first started out years ago and she’s helped me get in all the top magazines and newspapers like Cosmopolitan and The Daily Mail which has helped me grow my business.

Sam Hobbs

I’m not going anywhere. I’ve been with Yvonne for years and I always have sell out classes. I like to arrive on the call armed with a long list of what I need and we always get everthing ticked off. She’s brilliant.

Hannah Epps

I’ve worked with Yvonne for years because I really trust her. She knows her stuff and is always ahead of the game and challenging me to push harder. We’re currently working on my new online program.

Marita Moore

Yvonne helped me to grow my bootcamp business and get featured regularly in the media. She’s always there to give you that extra push you need and to hold your hand when you need her to.

121 Coaching

A 12 Week Coaching Program focuses on you and your business, getting you to where you want to be and getting you in front of the media and more clients.

I’ll help you stay accountable each week and take action


We talk for an hour every 2 weeks

Action Plan

You will be given tasks to complete


Writer and thought leader

“Working with Yvonne has led to endless adventures and possibilities. The biggest one being that I’m about to have my first baby. Yvonne helps you believe that you can achieve anything and helps you realise your goals, I was in the press as the Milk Tray Woman and I’ve riden all the way to Paris on a bike. But this latest advenure is the biggest one of all. I can’t wait to be a mum.”

Marita Moore

Lotus Fitness Academy

“Since working with YvonneI have filled up all my classes, been featured in the national press as a fitness expert and have created an online programme. I’ve also launched a yoga fusion program and held a retreat in the Spanish hills. Working with Yvonne has given me the inspiration and confidence I needed and it’s so exciting to see my company flourish.”

Karen Austin

Topaz Fitness Academy

Who Is This For?

This is for men or women who are tired of building thier business alone and want someone to guide and challenge them. Someone to encourage them to jump but then show them how to do it safely.

This is for anyone who needs help with messaging and communication, whether that’s creating a blog or going live, creating a marketing funnel or launching a brand new sell out program.

This is for anyone willing to learn and grow not just for the coming year but the coming decade.

Yvonne is strict on keeping things simple and strict on keeping to deadlines. If you are happy with that then you will love this program.

The Simplicity Project

 Limited number of places.

The Simplicity Project

£97 for 12-week Mentorship 


Who is Yvonne Radley?

Yvonne has been a journalist and blogger for more than 30 years working at local and national level so when it comes to getting in the media there’s nothing she doesn’t know. AND she knows all the tricks in the book to get your story to the top of the pile.

She’s also been an entrepreneur for the past 10 years. First with her own bootcamp with nine sites in the UK and then as a media and business coach helping other professioanls in the health and wellness niche grow their businesses.

She’s created three successful membership sites, her signature program has already made over a quarter of a million pounds in revenue.

Her results speak for themselves, not just with what she achieves but what her clients also achieve. Many have been featured on TV and radio and are constantly quoted in newspapers and magazines.

The Simplicity Project

 Limited number of places.

The Simplicity Project

£97 for 12-week Mentorship 


Get this Black Friday Deal

Offer disappears on Monday. Limited places.

Yvonne’s worked as a journalist for 30 years, she’s currently writing her debut novel. She’s known as a thought leader with her programs and is about to change the game again in the next decade.


Will this work for me?

It’s like anything it  will if you do the work. Obviously Yvonne can’t guarantee media exposure as that’s out of her hands and down to the editors but her clients get fantastic results and there’s no reason why you would be any different.

What included in The Group membership?

Fortnightly hour long Calls 

A prirvate facebook group with just you and Yvonne where you can share content and leave messages ahead of your next call.


Action Plan



Do I have time for this?

If you want to grow your business and your profile in the next decade then you need to make time. It’s one hour every fortnight and probably about an hour a week to do your tasks.

Can I cancel any time?

Payment is upfront and so once you are in you are locked in for the 12 weeks. If you get ill you can suspend your membership and start again at a later stage. Because you go through the training on a weekly basis there is no refund policy as it’s up to your to action what you learn.

When can we  start?

We can start straight away or on January 6th 2020


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