There is a new way to advertise on Facebook.

When I heard about this from one of my heroes Jon Loomer over in San Diego it BLEW MY MIND

But then I’m geeky like that and love discovering new ways to get engagement.

I flew across the world to see this guy
I even begged him for an interview
And then ended up bumping into him right outside the room where he was about to go on

You can see my impromptu interview here.

Yvonne Radley Interviews Jon Loomer.
But let me ask you this:

How would you like to create Facebook ads where you don’t even ask for people’s emails?

How would you like to create Facebook ads where people COMPLAIN if they miss any in the sequence?

How would you like to make your Facebook ads more interesting than the Facebook stories?

How would you like to earn £1,000’s off the back of your campaign?

This is what Jon Loomer does.

And if you follow this link

You can take part in his experiment

And see what I mean.


Let me know how you get on.

Yvonne “on this special fish friday” Radley

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