Big Me Up Media’s mantra is to get fame, clients and profit. George Anderson did that in one fell swoop with his Plankathon initiative.

Spreading the word of the simple yet gimmicky title but not elaborating, George acquired thousands of new clients and is now working on transferring them into getting them to pay for follow-up programmes. In this podcast, you will find out how he did it.

In this podcast, you will learn:

  • How the Plankathon led to gaining 11,000 brand new email subscribers
  • Where to upload private videos if you don’t wish to use YouTube
  • How to make sure your Facebook advert goes to the right people
  • How to follow up and offer fresh suggestions to those brand new subscribers


By George Anderson –

The Plankathon –

It’s Not About the Scales –

80/20 – Perry Marshall –

Tim Ferriss –

Ryan Deiss – The Machine –

AWeber –

AW Pro Tools –

Amazon Web Services –

The Game – Neil Strauss –

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