Donna Noble’s name is one which you would have heard in previous podcasts as her current project is one which Yvonne is very enthusiastic about.

Curvesome is Donna’s latest project to push yoga to plus-size women, though it is the latest direction for her business.  In this podcast you will hear about her transition from hustle of the corporate world to the relaxation of yoga, how she has dramatically enhanced her profile in 2015 alone, and her opinion on the debate surrounding plus-size bloggers.

In this podcast, you will learn:

  • How Donna went from being a yoga teacher to a fitness expert in newspapers, magazines, radio and TV
  • Why yoga knows no size
  • Using social media to find ambassadors for her product
  • What advice Donna has for budding entrepreneur
  • The benefits of crowdsourcing




Donna’s Instagram

CurvesomeYoga Instagram


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