Do you ever feel overwhelm?


As we hurtle towards 2016 are you already getting overwhelmed for what you need to do next year?


Maybe you can’t even decide what to do next year?


I’ve been struggling with that.


For me 2015 was so off the wall I’m like “what the hell do I do next year?”


I think I’ve figured it out by the way…..


I’m gonna share that with you next week when I give you my Christmas Gift


A planner to help you find your way.


We all feel overwhelm even when we are relatively happy.


Sometimes you have so many ideas in your head you just don’t where to start


And so you don’t start


Sometimes you end up doing lots of things for other people and never getting to your wish list


And so your needs go unmet


It might be technology that’s stopping us – we just don’t know how to do something and haven’t got the time to figure it out.


And so we leave it as an idea instead of a reality


There’s a million and one reasons why we get overwhelmed.


One of the keys to solving it is baby steps.


Here at Big Me Up we are big fans of baby steps and keeping things simple


That way we can see the wood for the trees


And we actually move the needle forward on our businesses every week – that means that 52 weeks of the year we are moving forwards


Yep even on the holidays – sometimes what our business needs and what we need is a break so new ideas can come through. So we consciously take that break – we schedule it in so it happens.


One of the people I love love love at the minute is Eckhart Tolle – he can be a bit heavy and a bit deep


But I love his philosophy about living in the moment


And setting your ego aside


Check him out – here he is talking about the small steps we all need to take to reach greatness


Click on the picture or this link



How about you?


Are you struggling with what to do next year?


Do you have a To-Do List that never gets done?


Did you have BIG plans at the start of the year and they are no further forward?


Maybe Ekhart’s tips can help you get started in 2016?


Yvonne “living in the now” Radley xx


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