Want to know the secret to getting in the press or on radio?

This is actually the secret to getting sales too.

It’s all in the Follow Up.

Those who follow up get published — it’s as easy as that!

Those who follow up get sales — how many times do you follow up?

And it might take you more than one follow up too.

In Media School we follow up every single month with our monthly press release

We send it out to local newspapers and radio stations month after month

Sometimes we get lucky and get in first time

One Big Me Upper this week posted she’d finally got published after sending in 90 emails to different organisations over and over again.

There are others in there who’ve written for their local papers or magazines and delivered time and time again and after 9 months (bit like having a baby) they’ve been asked to write their very own health column.

Persistency and Consistency are the two keys to getting yourself out there.

And this can be applied to sales too. I’ve heard it said that someone has to see something 9 times before they buy in other cases I’ve heard it’s as high as 17 so don’t stop after one mention that’s just crazy.

So one question I get asked A LOT at Big Me Up is how long do I leave it before I follow up my press release?

Well if it’s for your local paper give them chance to put it in there first so wait for the paper to come out and see if you are in.

They WON’T be calling you to tell you that you’ve made it in this week’s edition, or not. They literally have 100’s of press releases every day and would have to employ someone — actually a whole room of someones — to call everyone who ever sent them a press release.

So wait to see if you made it first.

If you didn’t appear in the paper that week give them a ring.

Yeah I know, we all love email and we never pick up the phone nowadays but ring you have toto make that connection.

Say something like “I know you’re really busy but I sent you a press release over last week and I just wondered if you are looking to use it?”

That should set the ball rolling. They may have seen it and then forgot about it if a big story broke or they may have already had a similar feature in the bag for that week.

Never ever, ever get your bossy head on when you ring because they will dump you before ever offering to take you out on a date.

Have the Press Release ready to send again and offer to ping it over to them there and then so it’s at the top of their In-Tray.

And while you’ve got the journalist on the phone why not follow up some more and ask if they are working on any other stories you can help them with.

Do you have problems with following up? Leave your comments and Please fell free to share using the icons bellow

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