Have you got it yet?


Do you want it?


I am of course talking about Facebook Live.


You’ve probably seen lots of people hopping on and doing live videos this weekend on Facebook.


It’s a new toy isn’t it?


However, do expect your Facebook Feed to have a LOT more video content from now on.


So if you haven’t got it – don’t panic.


It’s coming.


If you are on iPhone you get it first.


If you applied for a verified account months ago it looks like you get in there first


And if you are a Public Figure you get it first


But it’s being rolled out to the UK in the next coming days and weeks so just hang fire and you’ll soon have the magic button.


You can see it here at the bottom of your message (far right) of the icons – looks like a head with a halo.



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For those of you on Android don’t worry it’s on its way to you soon too.


And if you have an iPad you will get it on that.


So once you have the “magic” Facebook Live button what the hell can you do with it.


I’ve come up with some ideas just for you.


  • 1: Create your own LIVE TV Show which goes out on the same day at the same time every week.


  • 2: Give away FREE Live Workouts every day at the same time and send those visitors from all over the world to your online packages.


  • 3: Launch new products or services using the LIVE feature.


  • 4: Demonstrate a new move or a new class live and encourage people to come and try it out for themselves.


  • 5: Cook live on air and show your healthy nutritious meal ideas or smoothies or organic coffee or even dare I say it your Juice Plus.


  • 6: If you sell clothing or any merchandise show it off live on Facebook


  • 7: Cross promotion – if you are with a colleague at an event or meeting hop on and give them a shout out to your audience – get them on camera with you and introduce them and they will hopefully return the favour – widening both of your audiences – pretty cool right?


  • 8: Interview experts live for your audience to share knowledge.


  • 9: Take your blog onto Facebook and do live video instead.


  • 10: Do you compete? Well now you can take your fans with you on your marathons or competitions or live events.


Just a few ideas there to get your mind ticking over – there’s 100’s more things you can do with this brand new exciting feature.


My advice is to be an early adopter. Periscope and Meerkat which came out last year and were hosted on Twitter were just the pre-amble in my opinion. Facebook is King and is going after all the other platforms BIG time so I say jump on it now and be a player IF AND ONLY IF you want to be very well known.


If you are happy concentrating more on your classes and have no desire to be famous then use it as and when you like to serve your clients and build that bond with them – treat it more as a bit of fun and show new classes – testimonials, it’s great for too and all the stuff above.


Once you’ve gone live and signed off – it saves directly to Facebook where you can keep it or discard. It’s a good idea to ask for comments at the end if you are planning on keeping it – so finish with a great question and watch your Facebook feed grow.


If you do it let me know WHAT you are doing and how you are getting on with it.


What am I planning on doing with it?


Well I always do videos on my road trips but also…….


I’m going to be launching Big Me Up TV – Live at 5 on a Thursday and will be in the Hot Seat to answer any of your Media – Marketing or Business Questions – so if you have a question hit REPLY and ask away and you never know you may get a shout out on the show if your question gets picked.


Yvonne “Lights, Camera, Action” Radley xx


Do you have Facebook Live? Let us know what you’re planning to do with it in the comments bellow.

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