If not, you should be.


It’s a pretty untapped source and I’m surprised at how many people don’t actually nurture their own groups.


Do you have a Facebook group?


You can have permanent ones or temporary ones.


I launched a free Summer School last summer and earned £1,000’s in sales off the back off the back of it.


That’s another question isn’t it?


Do you ever pitch to your groups?


I’ve also helped my own clients launch their own groups and watched their businesses flourish because of them.


So coming up this week it’s gonna all be about Facebook Groups and how you can set one up and sell, sell, sell!


In the meantime, why not head on over to Big Me Uppers – our free group – and check it out. It’s where we share our success stories and talk about all things media – traditional and social.



Yvonne “loves Facebook and all that it gives us” Radley xx


PS: On Wednesday I’ll show you how to create your own group AND I’ll be showing you how to offer your goods/services for sale without the hard sell. Start thinking about what kind of group you would like.

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