We are speeding towards the final quarter of the year which starts a week on Saturday.


I know, scary right? How fast has this year gone?


Today I am here to make sure you are on track.


Not with hitting your final targets – you know what you need to do there.


No I am here to help you get on track for January.


One of my clients asked me yesterday when she should start promoting her January classes and I’m like “NOW”.


I always, always, always work on a 90 Day launch. If you have a BIG promotion you need to be talking it up 90 days before it starts.


You might’ve heard me mention that I am launching a brand new Group Mentoring Program in 2017.


I’ve already started bigging that up and here’s what I’m doing so you can follow the same path if you want to.


I am already doing what’s called a “soft sell” and reaching out to some people who’ve already invested with me and gone through my 121 program because they will immediately see the value in this.


Next I reached out to a recent Beta Tester Group who all applied to do the Woo Woo Project with me because the way I do business and mentoring is not your average way. There’s not a business plan in sight. But there are systems, goals and mood boards.


I am planning out the content and figuring out which order the modules will run in and am making notes for the sales copy.


I am talking to Charlie – our website designer this afternoon to talk her through the sales page and I will have the words for that written up this weekend.


We aim to deliver that sales page to the list of HOT LEADS we have already accumulated this week. We think half of the 40 places available on the new program could go in that initial soft launch.


Next we will put it out to those already working with us in Media School and Press Club and after that we will put it on general release.


What’s your plan? Could you follow the same plan and reach out to people who’ve worked in your high end coaching in the past but would still benefit from a group training program?


What are you launching in 2017? Have you mapped it out?


When are you going to start talking it up?


Who are you targeting first? Who are you targeting next?


Have you created a timeline for getting it out there and promoting it?


So often in business people are reactionary. They get to January and then think damn, I need to put something out there to get the hungry crowd who want to get fit. But January is definitely too late.


People are searching now for things to do next year.


I always travel the road less travelled, there’s less traffic on the road and you are more likely to get seen.


Sell January now so you don’t have to fight the sales crowds in the New Year. 


Sell January now while it’s a fresh new message with a bright future ahead and not done to death and just noise.


I use this system with a lot of my products and it serves me well. I never really advertise. I might take out the odd Facebook Ad to Joe Public but 99% of my sales come from making timely offers to people who already work me or want to work with me.


I just have to get organised and give them what they want.


My new Group Mentoring idea has come from listening to clients this year.


That’s the best bit – getting creative and coming up with new concepts, I love it.


I’ve not created anything new for two years so I am looking forward to putting this one out into the world and hopefully it will sell out before I ever have to advertise.


I would love, love, love the same for you.


Yvonne “rockin’ and rollin’ to January 2017” Radley xx

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