If you are like me you’ve probably let your Facebook Page slide a little in 2016.

Once the algorithm hit and not so many people got to see it there didn’t seem much point in pushing it.

But that’s all about to change.

Facebook Pages are about to get exciting again.

And it’s all thanks to video.

You’ve probably noticed that Facebook Lives work really well for reach and engagement on your pages.

But now things are about to step up a whole other level with Facebook creating their own version of Stories just like on Instagram.

It’s only going to be on mobile initially and I think it’s only in the US to start with but it shouldn’t be too long before we get it.

But basically you will get a little circle at the top of your page whenever any of your Friends post a video.

And now that it’s all about moving images on Facebook I think it will take off massively.

Facebook is the new TV – they have been gunning for YouTube for a while now and they are gaining traction.

We started out with still images and now your feed is full of moving images, that is only going to increase.

It was an ad free zone and now you have to pay the big bucks to get seen.

It is a broadcast medium now.

But using features like this new one will help you to get noticed – especially as they are adding a featuring which highlights suggested videos so if yours gets a lot of hits and interaction it could get promoted to the suggested list and you will suddenly be hitting an audience you didn’t even know about.

So my tip for you is get familiar with the system on Instagram Stories (if you are in Media School that is the subject of this month’s bonus training) and then when it’s rolled out over here on Facebook Pages you will have a head start.

Video is one of my predictions for the future of social media in 2017/2018 find out what the other BIG movers and shakers will be on Friday’s blog.

Yvonne “going to be doing a live weekly show on my Facebook Page next year” Radley – make sure you “LIKE” it so you can tune in.



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