Think you can do what you’ve always done in 2017 – think again.


Sorry I know it’s scary.


But there’s been a massive shift in the world of social media and you have to keep up.


Again I know it’s scary but I’m here to help.


You see Live Broadcasts are here to stay.


Video is just gonna get bigger and bigger in 2017 and 2018.


In fact now it looks like you’ll soon be able to stream ads inside your Facebook Lives so that’s going to affect what you see in your news feeds from now on – the big brands will be all over it as well as those with the money to spend and the know how to do it.


We don’t need to worry about that right now we just need to know it’s happening.


So what do we need to do as small businesses – one man bands – solo-preneurs?


You gotta get brave and pick up your phone and start going LIVE.


Facebook is all about real time now.


It’s all about connecting.


It’s all about being real.


It’s about sharing your story.


It’s about sharing your message with others.


This is what I tell my guys who work with me.


“Don’t think about you – think about them – when you come from a place of giving it’s a lot less scarier.”


You have important things to say. Sometimes we have unimportant but fun things to say and want to share those moments too.


Don’t take it so seriously – don’t take you so seriously.


Have fun with it – play with it.


And please.


Don’t try to be perfect.


Yes make sure you are dressed and the background is good before you go live but you don’t have to be in full make up (for the girls out there).


You don’t even have to know exactly what to say – please don’t script yourself – be natural. Have a topic in mind and hit Go Live and just chat away like you would to a friend.


Keep it short and sweet – anything under 2 mins is cool to get started – and start watching your engagement go up.


One of the Dream Academy members got over 5,000 views on is Live Stream this week.


Now a couple of important points.


1: You need to be doing LIVES from your Facebook Page as FB are introducing Stories soon just like Instagram (they have it in the US already) and it’s a new mobile feature. The good thing about this is that if you get a lot of engagement they start showing your video to a wider audience – cool right?


2: I would start practicing in your groups.


3: If you do a good LIVE stream on your page you can share that into your groups or profile (be careful not to talk business all the time on your profile though) to repurpose that content.


4: How often should you go live? Some “gurus” are saying daily. And really you would show up on Facebook daily therefore you should probably go live daily – it’s just that Facebook is animated now – get it?


5: Don’t feel pressured to go daily haha I know I just said you should go daily but honestly don’t worry about it just play and do what you can to get started.


6: Think about doing one of your LIVES like a TV Show every week. I’m going to be doing this LIVE at 12.30 on Mondays over on my Big Me Up Media Page – make sure you LIKE the page and subscribe to my LIVES.

You can get access here


I’m going to be popping on this lunchtime too around 12.30 with another great tip to help you get more viewers to your LIVES so don’t miss that.


So have I convinced you to pick up your phone and give it a go?


I’ll put a post up over on the Facebook Page and you can come let me know who you broadcast to and what you talked about.


There is no escape from LIVES they are just going to become the norm so don’t get left behind.


Dive in now and watch your audience boom.


Yvonne “3 2 1 going LIVE” Radley

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