There is SO much happening in the world of social media it’s hard to keep up isn’t it?


Yesterday was very EXCITING because Instagram launched LIVE to Stories.


Have you tried it yet?


Have you even tried Stories yet, where you can hop on and do those short snippet videos and pictures?


They released figures last week and I think it’s something ridiculous like 150 million daily users – wowsers.


If you haven’t had a go at Instagram Stories or Live on Stories then give it a go.


You can use images to direct people to your offers.


And it’s a great way of connecting one on one with your audience and letting them know what you’re all about and showing them behind the scenes.


It’s also a great way of educating – I’ve seen loads of cookery demos – exercises – mindset info.


When it comes to LIVE it means you can do that in real time AND your Instagram audience can ask you questions and have a real conversation.


The Body Coach Joe Wicks jumped on yesterday to try it out and showed everyone round his office where they actually have a running track installed.


Follow him and take inspiration and ideas.


Of course Instagram isn’t the only place you can go LIVE.


I do it daily at 12.30 with my Lunchtime Live and talk about stuff that’s happening and give super hot tips too but mainly we just mess around for five minutes.


You can join me over on my Page here FACEBOOK PAGE Yesterday I was talking about what you should be doing in your Facebook Groups but probably aren’t. You can still catch it as Facebook saves them unlike Instagram.


I’ve been persuading the “Dreamies” from Dream Life Academy to jump on and give it a go too and some of them have been brave this week and done a quick broadcast to share tips.


They are loving it once they do it and getting a real buzz. It can be quite addictive.


I think at first just talk about what you know – what you’re confident to talk about – your expertise. You can even practice inside your groups but you can do LIVES on your own profile (but don’t talk business) and on your Page which is where you should be concentrating most of your efforts on because that’s were Facebook is bringing Facebook Stories too.


Instagram and Facebook will soon have the same tools – not unsurprising seeing as they are both owned by the same company.


So I realise I’ve thrown a lot of information at you here today and there are some new ideas to take on board and so I challenge you to pick up your phone and give it a go.


These features are all about mobile activity – Lives are coming to desktop but for now it’s all about mobile.


Give it a go – just 2 minutes and let me know how you get on.


It’s the future.


You’ve been like a toddler on social media so far learning to walk.


Now it’s time to get real and start entering the race.


The human race interactively – make sense?


We’re all just keeping it real and that just helps you more and more to build those know – LOVE – and trust relationships to bring your audience closer and to give them want they want to buy from you.


Yvonne “loves her lunchtime lives” Radley

Are you planning on going live? Let us know in the comments section x

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