One of the BEST ways to become the best trainer in town – whatever you do – is to get featured as the local expert in your local newspaper.
Readership is not to be underestimated as they are still hitting thousands of people who live right on your doorstep.
Not only that – but once you’ve been published you can leverage that baby all over social media hitting a second wave audience.
When you are featured in your paper it gives you an authority you CANNOT BUY.
It’s the paper – the editor and the journalists all saying they trust you and your opinion and that their readers should listen to you.
What better advert is there?
I’ll tell you – none. This is brand positioning at it’s highest and it’s so easy to get most people duck out before they even start because they think it’s unattainable.
It’s not.
It’s how many of the100’s of  the Big Me Uppers I work with STARTED before going on to write for national magazines – land
their own TV shows – have programmes on the radio.
AND it can be a real money earner too. You start attracting an audience and that can be valuable. One of my clients made an extra 32K year from The Press Club alone because every time she got in her paper she got 3 new clients who all stayed with her for around a year. What would 3 new clients a month do to your annual revenue?
Well here are 10 ways to help you get featured in your local paper and if you would like more ideas then why not think about joining The Press Club this year and getting off to a good start.
1: Don’t try to sell anything – this is the biggest mistake people make, they pitch a story idea but really it’s a glorified sales pitch. Don’t do it you can end up blacklisted.
2: Be super helpful to the audience – don’t try to impress the editor or the journalists, think of the end user – the reader – what do they need to know.
3: Write in a clear and concise way (our press releases do this for you) don’t use jargon or big words. When I was a journalist the average reading age was 12 and that’s the guide we used so no big words.
4:Find out when the paper goes to print so you don’t miss the deadline – papers often get printed up to 3 days before they actually hit the streets.
5: Pick up the phone if there’s a big story in the news and you can put a local spin on it. Journalists love to hear from local people. Ask to speak to the newsroom.
The key is consistency and not giving up.
You don’t want to bug them and contact them every week – another way to get on that blacklist.
But if you leave it longer than 4 weeks they will forget who you are. They get 100’s of emails daily offering story ideas. We need them to see that you are consistent and that you come up with great story ideas.
If you would like to join the Press Club where we give you a Done for You Press Release every month on the 1st then click here PRESS CLUB and sign up for just £12.97/month. It’s a great way to get started.

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