You ever hit that wall where your business just won’t grow anymore?


You put things out to grow your list but the same names that you’ve already got keep appearing.


You are looking for new people to add into the mix – just like the ones you already have but it’s a trickle rather than a flood.


Sound familiar? Been trying to fix that by yourself?


There is ONE THING that you can do to change all of that.


I did it several years ago and I’m still doing it today.


Coming up I have a genius way how you can do this too.


Gary Vee talked about it just last week.


Me and Rachel Holmes are doing it right now.


I’m also doing it with Hanni Melnicenko.


I’ve got all the Dreamies in Dream Life Academy doing it as well now.


What am I talking about?


I’m talking about collaboration.


Joining forces with someone else who has a shared audience.


Gary Vee talked about the big hotels joining forces and buying up residential to take on Uber.


He talked about McDonalds and Burger King creating a baby burger between them and see how the audience devoured it.


Who do you need on your team?


What could you create to take on the giants in your world – or which giant could you get on your side?


One of my most successful collaborations was with Lucy Johnson – I promoted her event and she promoted my free 30 Day Challenge – I doubled my list overnight.


So how do you do this?


Where do you start?


One of the best ways – in my opinion – is to get in the room with like-minded people.


Go out for drinks with them – break bread or share lunch – meet for dinner.


Sit around chatting about business and watch the ideas start to form – see the excitement grow – the sparks fly. there is nothing more exciting than this!!


Whenever I have been to events I have always met someone who sparked an idea in me or we ended up networking and sharing our audience – we cross promote for each other and sometimes it even leads to setting up brand new companies like me and Rachel Holmes are busy doing right now.


You want to do it? Are you ready? Do you like having fun while you work?


Come and join us and a bunch of the Fitness and Wellness people in Marbella.


We have a day of learning all about LIVE VIDEO on the Saturday with lunch included but lots of free time packed into the weekend too with a meet up on the Friday night and Sunday lunch.


Many people are bringing their families or partners out and making it a thing.


Guaranteed you could earn your £295 investment back just by one collaboration – and you’ll probably fly home with 10 or more!


Lots of you have been asking if you can do payment plans as you have flights and hotels or Airbnb’s to book and that’s absolutely fine. I’ve split the payment down into 6x£50 to make it manageable.


CLICK HERE if you want to secure your place with the payment plan.


And CLICK HERE to find out more about the event and pay in full.


Have you done any collaborating? Let us know in the comments


PS: I have to confirm the booking this Friday 10th so you need to secure your place before then.

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