It’s International Women’s Day today –  It’s a chance to use this event to compound your own message in the world.


It’s called a “hook” or “news angle” in the world of media.


I have seen lots of strong memes all over social media from my Dream Life Academy members and Big Me Uppers.


This is a perfect opportunity to leverage your own brand with another powerful brand.


And the way we do that is by using social media.


Get behind the message and add your voice today.


Use it to show people what you’re all about.


Some will take a political stance.


Some will say thanks to the women in their life.


Some will share a powerful message.


And some will just celebrate.


The campaign theme for this year is #beboldforchange


So how can you be bold?


What message do you want to convey to the world?


And more importantly HOW are you going to use social media to convey your message to the people who need to hear it?


Drop a message in the comments section to let us know.


Yvonne “celebrating women every day” Radley xx


To get your content planned for 2017 you can download my free planner with events and awareness days Here 


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