Today I want you to share something with you that I wish someone had told me when I was first starting out so you can stop chasing new customers and wasting time and money


I want you to stop stressing about
Facebook ads.



SEO (search engine optimisation)



Social Media 



Google Adwords


And anywhere else you may be spending money to get customers.


Yes I want you to stop spending and think strategically about how many customers you actually need.


And then start connecting one on one with them for free.


I’ll just let that sink in for a minute.


You may need to hear it again.


Did she say for free?



Did she say stop spending money on Facebook ads?



I don’t have to pay someone to post all my Twitter and Facebook posts anymore?



Is that what she’s saying?



I can just talk to people?



One on one?


I thought I needed to hit 990,000 people on Facebook with my ads



I thought I had to pay to play nowadays.


I know right!





Today I’m asking you to stop and actually think about if you do need to do all those crazy things that we see everyone else doing.


Is it getting you anywhere?


If it is “rock on with your bad self” and carry on. But I suspect it’s not having much effect in today’s busy busy market place.


And at the end of the day we haven’t got a bottomless pot of money to keep throwing at our marketing budget.


SO what’s the answer then?


How do we get our new clients?


Are you ready?


This could actually blow your mind.


First off I would suggest that you don’t need as many as you think you do.


Add up all your clients now and then calculate how many more you need to fill your books.


Literally stop reading and do that ^^^^^^^


When I had my bootcamp our most profitable site had around 120 clients permanently on the books.


From those we up-sold our group training Titanium Tribe and our 121 Personal Training.


When I look at my business now Big Me Up Media I have 40 members in a group training program The Dream Life Academy and I up-sell one to one personal coaching with VIP Days and retreats.


These are the core services I offer. I serve just 40 clients currently.


So when I look at planning for 2018 I want to keep my Dream Life Academy going and add in a second group.


So I will be looking at a client base of just 80 people and that allows me to live a very nice lifestyle.


I’m not spending a fortune on marketing in fact I hardly ever advertise and instead invite people to join my programs by delivering great free content in my blogs, in my free Facebook groups and on Instagram.


That’s it really.


Not complicated.


Very easy actually.


So how many do you need for your business?


Is it just 20 more clients to fill up your books?


Is it 40 new ones to create a whole new program?


Maybe it’s 100 for your physical studio?


Shoot me an email back and let me know I’d love to hear your number. Or message me on Twitter @yvonneradley


I bet it’s not as many as you think.


I bet you don’t need to spend a small fortune hitting 990,000 people on Facebook.


You have all the people in front of you that you will ever need.



On your email list.


In your Facebook groups.



On your Instagram following.



Add that number up.





There’s more than enough for the amount of customers you actually need already standing in front of you ready and willing to buy.


So my advice today is STOP chasing new customers and spending money where you don’t need to.


Stop paying out on courses that will teach you how to hit 1,000’s when you are only looking for less than 50 people.


And instead start talking and connecting to the customers waiting in front of you.


Are you replying to them on Instagram – get that conversation going – go back in and see who you’ve missed when they left a comment or hit like?


Go like some of their posts and leave a comment for them. It doesn’t cost a penny and it means the world.


Go back to your Facebook group and take a look at the content you’re dropping – are you asking any questions? In other words are you talking to your guests?


Think of your groups like a party in a room. If you ignore your guests they will go away but if you go around chatting to them and filling up their glasses they are staying all night.


Make sense?


It is easy to get caught in the trap of chasing new clients all the time and spending money where we don’t need to.


We are bombarded with so many tempting offers all day on social media with so many solutions that will turn our business around.


But I like to keep it simple and real and show you what we have right in front of us.


A brilliant opportunity to connect with our perfect clients who already love everything we do.


If you found this helpful then please help spread the word and share with your friends x



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