Last week I was talking to two friends at the same time on social.
One was traveling via Saint Pancras the other was at an event in Edinburgh.
Not unusual I chat to my friends on social all of the time.
But what was unusual about THESE CONVERSATIONS was that for the FIRST TIME I was doing it inside Instagram.
That’s where we are hanging out nowadays and we were chatting inside STORIES
IT’S GREAT and so snappy.
If you haven’t checked out the Stories feature on Instagram then go take a look.
It’s those round circles at the top of your feed and you can see when someone has done a new update because the circle goes red.
If you want to say something to them you just hit send message and they get it along with a still shot of what they were doing so it’s all in context.
Instagram is THE PLACE TO BE right now.
And today I’m going to share 3 easy ways to win on Instagram.
In fact I’ve had so many people asking me for help with the platform that I’ve put together a Masterclass and it will be available in October.
Now let’s get down to business and help you out with my 3 Easy Wins on Instagram.
1: Use colour schemes to introduce a new season or different element of your business. For example go for yellows and blues during summer. Warm colours for Autumn and whites or reds for the Winter. Or maybe you are a facility that has lots of different classes to promote you could use red for boxing, purple for pilates, calming greens for meditation or vibrant colours for dance classes.
A great example of this is the Savoy London who did an amazing white theme for their Christmas campaign.
It was a 9-slab feature and so really broke the feed up and make you stop. You can see it start to appear here:
  • Pinterest
  • Gmail
  • LinkedIn
2: Don’t always use the same hashtags it can get you shadow-banned – yes that’s a real thing. It’s when your posts don’t show in the feed and you probably don’t even realise what’s happened you just see your engagement fall.
That’s because no-one is seeing your pretty pictures anymore. On the Masterclass I’ll show you how to find the best hashtags to use and give you a list of hashtags never to use like #adulting.
3: And finally, number 3 is to make use of the location hashtags you will see your views go from the 30’s and 40’s into the 100’s. They are best used inside Stories and you hit the square icon in the top right where you can find all the emojis. Hit on location and type in your town. If that happens to be on a story where you are inviting people down for a free trial and give out your phone number well that’s a pretty cheap way of getting leads. Especially if you do a series of stories around it showing the fun everyone is having.
Have fun with Instagram and make sure you come follow me and I’ll follow you right back. Click HERE to follow me.

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