Yesterday I spent the day with the dreamies from the Dream Life Academy on a Catch Up Day.


We did the main tasks again from the Business Module to bring us up to speed and we started mapping out next year so we know where we’re heading.


In The Dream Life Academy we stop and review where we’re at every 90 days – do you do that?


By the way if you want to join the Academy in 2018 we are opening the doors on September 1st and enrolling new members. Places are limited and you need to be on the Wait List to get the first invitations.


Just click the link and head to the sold out sign to add your name to make sure you are first to know.


We work on a 90 Day Launch Sequence for big promotions and so that means we are already gearing up NOW for September’s new offerings.


That also means that in September we will start the process for January 2018. We’re always thinking ahead in Dream Life Academy – following a system – taking small steps every week so we get where we’re going without going off track.


When we launch we follow my 14-step Launch system which includes Radley’s Tandem Posts – I have developed this system over the past seven years while working in online marketing and it helped me achieve a SELL OUT launch of DLA last year.


In fact, I’d sold over half the places before I even dropped a full sales letter.


Three of the Dreamies had SELL OUT launches in the same week last month using this formula – Nicola Buckley, Karen Smith and Frank Sinclair.


Step Number One might sound obvious but it’s actually where a lot of people fall at the first hurdle.


1: Have an audience.


Sounds simple right? And you might be saying “Well Yvonne of course I have an audience my email list has 450 people on it” – or maybe you have 1500?


But how old is your audience? Is it a tired list? How often have you sold to them already this year? When was the last time you added some new people? Are you talking to your audience daily with blogs and stories, sharing your life and keeping in touch with theirs or have they fallen asleep waiting for you or worse, left you altogether?


Do you really have an audience or do you have a list of names that you haven’t spoken to in a while and you’re just hope they’re going to buy your latest product when you put it out there?


And if you are reading this and thinking damn, yeah, I am supposed to blog every week but I haven’t in a while because I’ve been too busy and life just got in the way – then with a 90 day lead up there is still time.


You can start pulling it back today. Start delivering some great content and building your relationships – create a new opt in and invite some new people to join your tribe so that when you do make your offering in September they are SO excited about what you are offering that you sell out within a few days.


The secret to a great launch is a great leader and if you want to know the other 13 steps which are all just as crucial then get on the Wait List to be one of the first invited into Dream Life Academy 2018 which starts in January.


Just head to the sold out sign and join


What are you launching this September?


What plans do you have for 2018?


All big questions that need answering at this time of year and when you join Dream Life Academy we make sure you are held accountable and stay on track so you hit your goals and live your dream life whatever they may be.


Yvonne “in launch mode” Radley



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