I suspect there’s one BIG thing missing in your marketing.


And how do I know this?


I know this because I see it day in and day out.


Even after I’ve taught it I have to re-teach it because people forget.


They get wrapped up in what everyone else is doing and think it’s a race.


You know it doesn’t really matter what social media platform you are on – if you like Facebook go there.


If you’re loving Instagram it’s a beautiful place to be right now.


If LinkedIn’s your thing and where your people are at well go be happy over there.


You know it doesn’t even matter how many people follow you [big surprise]


In fact the bigger your numbers the harder it is to get heard (especially if you bought your list or lifted them up from somewhere else or maybe you should added them without asking first)


What matters is whether or not we hear you.


What matters is whether or not we get your message.


Do we even care what you have to say?


Do you even care about us and what we have to say?


Are you talking to your crowd?


And more importantly are they talking with you?


Is it a two-way conversation?


Or are you ignoring them?


In which case it won’t be long before they start ignoring you – and that means they’re never going to buy from you.


Lucky for you there is a way you can be heard loud and clear.


There is a way you can get your message across.


There is a simple way to engage with your crowd – get to know them – and let them get to know you.


Here it is:


You never hear me talk about politics you probably assume I am the same as you because we are alike.


You never hear me talk about religion.


You never hear me talk about football and have no idea which teams I root for.




You know me well and that is because I stay in my lane and talk about the same things that are important to me here.


The same things that I know you are interested in.


You love hearing about my single life escapades – the dating scene and Marley the cat.


Obviously business and media are a BIG part of my passion and my message I like to share with you.


Travel is HUGE on my agenda and you follow my journeys to USA for conferences or when I lived in Paris.


You get the picture?


The biggest mistake fitness professionals make is talking about health and fitness all the time.


There’s SO much more to you than that.


I talked about this with my bestie Rachel Holmes recently and told her she should talk about fashion on her Instagram account.


Because at the end of the day you are not in the health and fitness business like you think Yvonne


Oh no – it is much more than that.


You are in the BEAUTY BUSINESS – making beautiful people.


That is what they are interested in.


She did it – she posted a picture of herself in a Zara summer dress and it got the biggest reaction EVER she couldn’t believe it – now she talks about fashion a whole lot more because it’s opened up the conversation.


Will she sell more via Instagram because of it? Time will tell.


What could and should you be talking about? What themes make up your message? How can you help your audience get to know you better and buy more things?


I would love to know – message me back with your ideas or tweet me @yvonneradley


And if you would like to work with me on getting clear on your messaging then I have opened up FIVE VIP Days happening in July and September. We could come up with a whole campaign for you. Message me for details if you are interested in going deep on this.


So what will you be posting today?


Something to satisfy your numbers?


Or something to start that all important conversation and let them hear your message.


Yvonne “coming in loud and clear today” Radley



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