Today I have a question for you.


It’s a question I was asked by my own mentor earlier this month and it really got me thinking.


I think it’s a great time of year to ask this particular question too because August is a perfect time to reflect.


We have more time on our hands with holidays.


We’re aware of how the year has gone for us so far and we know we have the last quarter coming up to really go for it and meet our goals.


The race is not over yet.




With that all said.


Are you ready for your question?




Here we go.


What would you need to do to make it better?


Now it could be a class – a launch – a program – your life – your onboarding of clients – your website.


You know where your weak spots lie.


And even if you have no weak spots and have the perfect program still ask yourself the question.


See how it changes the game von?


And if you don’t know the answer how about asking your clients or surveying them? Do you know what they would say?


It’s easy to come up with ideas for launches and classes but not so easy to implement them.


And it’s really really hard sticking with a program and improving it over and over again.


But that ^^^^^^^^^ is where the magic happens.


Think about it today – keep asking yourself the question as you go about your business.


Email me back if you already know where you need to make changes so you hold yourself accountable and then email me again once you’ve got them in the bag.


I’m currently tweaking The Dream Life Academy and making improvements for 2018 – it’s all a learning curve and sometimes when we are in something we think ooh this would work well here.


I’m also working on some new elements of my launch for it and improving on last year’s sell out.


We are opening the doors in September and one of the changes I’ve made is that instead of waiting until January to start work and setting our goals we are getting started in October so we hit the ground running in January knowing exactlywhere we are going in 2018.


You’ll also get my 14-step launch program (with the new content added) to help you withyour launches for the new year way ahead of the competition.


If you want to be the first to hear about the NEW Dream Life Academy 2018 then you need to get your name down on the wait list as numbers are limited and it may sell out before we ever advertise.


It’s a year long mentoring program covering the 4 pillars I believe make for a strong business foundation.


In it we cover Business – Media – Blogging and Branding.


Look out for some new free training to come as well as I prepare to launch Dream Life Academy 2018. Even if you decide not to sign up the training is a game-changer.


Coming up I’ll be sharing some of the Dreamies stories with you so you can hear how they are now living their dream lives creating online programs – upping their income – having more time with family – having sell out launches of their own – finally hitting their goals – clearing their debt and going on holidays of a lifetime.


How can you make it better?


Add you comments below and feel free to share this blog with your crowd

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