Have you noticed you’re not selling as many places as you used to?


Things have dropped off somewhat?


You’re not sure if it’s just because your posts/ads are not being seen by as many on Facebook any more?


Or you might have an idea that your sales page and/or website might need updating.


Well I can guarantee one thing.




And what once worked a decade ago.


A year ago.


Heck even a month ago.


It aint working so good now.


Back in the day we’ve always been told to highlight a problem in your headline and then offer to solve it.


Basic sales copy 101.


It’s even what I have taught up until very recently.


Next we might highlight the benefits (not the features)


Explain why we are the perfect fit to help you and then of course finish with a good old


Call to action.


Sound familiar?


Yep, you might’ve noticed it’s not working any more.




Because times have changed.


Audiences have gotten way more savvy


And see right through all that negative manipulation.


Now we have a much smarter cookie to sell to and today I’m going to share a couple of things, well 3 actually that you can do to up your game when it comes to selling.


You ready?


Obviously I’m going to be teaching this inside Dream Life Academy next year so if you want the FULL STORY make sure you are on the VIP Wait List for when doors open next Monday.




There’s no point scare mongering nowadays, just meet your audience where they are at and give it to them straight. They don’t need their problem highlighting and you pushing those emotional buttons. Just tell it like it is. They will have more faith in you and will be more likely to know, love and trust you and you know what they means…. they will buy from you.


Trying to frighten them into a buy is going to have the opposite effect in 2017.


Number Two: EXPLAIN HOW THERE WILL BE WINNERS AND LOSERS and don’t just focus on the losers like we did in the past. Like… if you don’t buy this and your competition does what will happen to your business = loser mentality. I If you don’t buy this you will be missing out on a fantastic opportunity = loser mentality.


Doesn’t fill you will hope does it? Only dread and a fear of missing out.


Instead show them why they may miss out of course BUT also show them how people have become winners by buying your products/services.


Number 3: USE VISUALS TO SELL. Inside the Dream Life Academy I teach you how to use Radley’s Tandem Posts in my 14 Step Launch Formula and it’s very powerful. It’s helped a number of the Dreamies have SELL OUT launches this year.


We absorb information at such a fast rate nowadays that a picture really does speak a thousand words so choose your images carefully not just on your sales page but on your Instagram feed – Facebook profile, groups and pages. Are you consistently sending out the same messages?


This kind of blends in with branding as well. You have to have a cohesive brand to sell nowadays.


So there you have 3 ways to sell in today’s overcrowded, oversubscribed, overwhelming marketplace.




If you want to learn more in depth about this then join me inside the Dream Life Academy when we open the doors next Monday.


We cover 4 main modules: Business. Media. Blogging and Branding.


The key pillars to growing a successful business – in my opinion.


Yvonne “telling it like it really is” Radley xx



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