When you’re in launch mode about to launch something spectacular into the world. Something you’ve been working on for ages. Something you’re so excited about.


That’s when the negative voices start whispering in your ear. That’s when your fears rise to the surface and try to convince you to stop what you’re doing.


(Coming up I’ve got an invitation to talk about this in depth on Tuesday and I’m sharing my 14-step Launch formula with you)


The voices will try to convince you it’s not good enough to be made public. Or it’s too similar to what someone else has already mastered. Or that you are not good enough to see this through.


Cue a sleepless night and feeling crap the next day when you have to write a million emails ready for the sale. Yep, that’s me today.


Sometimes we have voices whispering in our ears from loved ones. A partner, a mother, a best friend.


We listen to them and convince ourselves they are right and it just reinforces what we were already thinking. And then our own whispers get louder and louder.


Often we get ill when we launch or technology breaks. Life keeps throwing obstacles in our way. I once had vertigo and then bronchitis all in two months when I was in launch mode. On my very first product a recorded webinar – the free trial I was using to record my presentation ran out the day before my launch and I had to learn a whole new system on another free trial as I had no money to buy the one I’d been using.


So how do we quell these voices? How do we cross the finish line especially when we’re so close and the voices are getting louder?


There are two things you have to do.


First, you have to stick to the plan and meet your deadline no matter what.


Feel the fear and do it anyway. Find a way around those obstacles that keep flying in daily, acknowledge the whispers and then tell them you are not listening right now. Get on with the job until you cross that finish line.


Secondly flip it in your head to come from a point of giving.


By launching your product what are you giving to your clients? How will this impact their lives. What happens if you deprive them of this? Then get on with delivering what you promised.


It’s not easy, but then if it was easy everyone would be doing it. Good luck with your September launches. Let me know below if you are about to launch.


There’s one other thing you can do to make sure you have a successful, sell out launch. Notice I’m not selling stress free here. Launching is always going to be stressful you just need to go through it and try to limit yourself to a few launches a year instead of monthly.


I teach the guys in Dream Life Academy a system that I use. And now they use it too and it’s working. We have all enjoyed sell out launches.


I’m sharing my Radley 14 step Launch Formula on Tuesday night on a webinar if you fancy coming along and finding out more.


It’s a system I have mastered over the years and there are steps in there that I pretty much guarantee you are missing out right now. I know because I used to miss them out too. Steps I will be sharing with you that you can go and implement next time and it will help.


Just click the image to register – that will also get you a recording of the event if you can’t be there in person.



What are you about to launch in September?


Have you been working hard planning it out in August?


What are you launching in January – it’s time to start planning it now!!


Yvonne “love a launch, don’t love a launch” Radley xx



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