Do you know what women do when they get stressed?


It’s completely different to men.


Men go into the fight or flight mode. I’m sure you’ve seen it. The arguments start or they distance they themselves.


For women we do something completely different when stress gets to us.


When we wake up every day with that knot in our stomach because we are constantly worried or anxious.


Or with clenched teeth grinding together after a disturbed night’s sleep again.


When we have a list so long that we have no idea where to even start and so we do nothing again.


When fear stops us in our tracks from doing what we truly love to do and all those negative voices creep in.


What do women do?


We tend and befriend.


We seek out other women to confide in and share our problems with.


I know I’m straight on the phone to Rachel or Hanni when I get stuck, who is your BFF (best friend forever).


Maybe it’s your mum or your sister you go to?


Community is key to building a successful business.


What does your community look like for your clients?


Are you creating a beautiful safe place for them to come and tend and befriend?


To help them cope with the stress they are under, that’s weighing them down a little bit more everyday.


You might think when it comes to business that Facebook Ads have the answer.


Or automation is the golden chalice.


Or the new robots that you don’t know how to program yet will help you make the sales you need.


The Likes on Facebook.


Or the number of followers you have.


None of that is as important as this.


The real key to a successful business is the friends you make along the way.


The relationships you build everyday.


The money’s not in the list or the ads or the automation.


The real value of the business is tied up in real relationships that you tend to day in and day out.


If you want to be part of a community like that then there are still some places available in the new Dream Life Academy.


Come and learn about automation, ads and lists.


But the real value comes from the people inside.


The community we create.


​​​​​​​Yvonne ” sharing my thoughts and ideas with you” Radley xx



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