Millenials are smart – and it’s not just the under 35’s. The over 35’s with a millennial mindset are smart too.


The way we buy has changed rapidly over the last 7 years with the emergence of social media and all of it’s new platforms.


And if you accept that the way we buy has changed then surely the way we sell has to have changed too in order to keep up with the speed and the visuals and the connectivity of the market place.


I’m sure you’ve heard the sales copy 101 technique of discover your clients biggest problem and then give them a headline that solves it. 


It’s how we all used to market 7 years ago and all of the last century.


But times have changed and people don’t like to feel manipulated. Often the visuals that went along with those headlines were in your face with big bright colours and buy now stickers – arrows pointing to the price. It was all so obvious.


Nowadays, millennials won’t even buy into that way of being sold to. They probably just laugh because they know if the cart closes they could still get a sale out of you. They see the smoke and mirrors.


Today’s sales process is much more simple actually and there’s 5 steps to it.


I do a lot of research learning all this stuff and I love passing on what I teach to you and to the guys in my Dream Life Academy. I even hop on over to San Diego every year to the biggest social media conference in the world to make sure I am bringing you bang up to date info.


Today I am going to share Step Number One with you because it’s SO important to get this step right.


I will even give you an example of it because it’s something I’m using in my own launch right now.


So back in the day you would highlight their problem and offer your solution as your headline.


Today, it’s more about meeting the audience where they’re at and naming a big relevant change in the world.


You can see mine here where I talk about the Overcrowded Economy.


What is the BIG relevant change affecting your audience?


Nowadays a lot of people suffer from information overload – or overwhelm – in the fitness world there’s so much conflicting information out there maybe your audience is seeking a simple solution or some clarity.


One big relevant change is that obesity is rising year on year and nobody seems able to stop it.


It’s worth thinking about and trying to use this new way of getting their attention to open up the conversation and get them thinking and talking.


It’s certainly an improvement on the drop a dress size message or asking if they’d like to get their body back in 7 days.


I teach the other 4 steps inside The Dream Life Academy inside the Pricing Module where we look at your sales process.


If you are looking to do business in a different way next year then we start work on October 2nd with our Business Module – a 12 week intensive designed to make you look deep at your business and your life and start building strong foundations.


It’s a year long mentoring program so if you’re looking for quick fixes this isn’t for you. We are in it for the long game.


As soon as you go inside The Office you will find a challenge which we hope gets you viewing your business differently right from the start. The aim here is to get you earning your investment back straight away effectively giving you the tools to do this entire year for free.


The guys have already been busy in there and one person has already doubled her first monthly investment. Last year one woman brought in £8K and another £5K and all with no extra work. What will you do?


Yvonne “showing you the big relevant change and inviting you to change things up” Radley


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