Business is all about systems.


If you’ve ever worked with me then you’ll know I love a system and a deadline.


It’s the journalist in me.


I have a particular business system I like to teach and it’s all built around the power of 3.


Every day we come up with three things we are grateful for – this keeps us humbled and anchored and makes us realise that even when things are going wrong there’s still plenty to be thankful for that day and it helps to put things into perspective.


Every week I get the guys to focus on just 3 things to move their business forward, not 3 things a day like most teachers teach. I think that’s too many. You end up procrastinating and not getting them all done and then you feel guilty and the whole cycle begins again. If you do 3 things every week by the end of the year you have done 156 actions to move your business forward which is much more than most which is why my clients do better than most.


Simplicity is often the key to success.


And finally we work in 3 month cycles and stop to see where we are at every 90 days.


It’s all included in my annual diary which will be on sale in November.


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This is the same diary the Dreamies will be using in 2018 to monitor their progress and those who are working with me next year all get a diary as part of the program so if you are a Dreamy who has signed up you will be getting one in the post soon.


But don’t worry if you are not a Dreamy you can still get your hands on one and there are two more very important reasons why you should.


1: It is packed full of fitness, health and wellness awareness days, weeks and months that you can use for your blog posts – planning your social media for next year and of course your PR with your local press and radio.


2: We are holding a Monthly Editorial inside the Big Me Uppers group to help you highlight the best stories and what you should be doing with them.


I know a lot of you are dab hands at getting free publicity but some of you need a bit of a helping hand or even a push in the right direction and so this is a new feature for 2018.


And even for those of you used to getting PR we’ll be giving you some new editorial ideas about other places you can get publicity or how you can use the events to showcase your business in the best light.


I’ll be back with more details on this exciting new diary and the Big Me Uppers Editorials when we head into November and you’ll have a chance to join.


But today I invite you to find a system in your business – whether you use mine – or discover one that works well for you.


My Grateful’s for today are:


1: Blue sky and sunshine

2: Celebrating my sister’s birthday last night

3: A creative day in the office working on my branding module.
What are yours? I’d love to hear. leave a comment bellow and as always feel free to share



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