Have you given up on your Facebook Page?


I know, it’s hard work trying to get anyone to notice you nowadays. I think the organic reach has dropped to around 1% so for for every 100 people who like your page only one of them is seeing it. f you have a page with 500 Likes only 5 people are seeing what you post.


That’s WHY it’s so quiet.


And very likely, those five are not bothering to like, comment or share. Why would they? It’s dead out there. It’s like being first at a party and being expected to get straight up on the dance floor with no alcohol and no-one to do the Birdie Song with. You would look weird.


So what’s the answer? How do we get people to interact with us? How do we get people to see our posts again?


First of all you may be thinking well why bother. BUT here’s the thing, if you have 500 people who LIKE your Facebook Page it’s just like having 500 people waiting for you in a room.


Wouldn’t you want to go say hi to them and show them some stuff about what you know. They already know, love and trust you and are there for you. It’s YOU who’s not showing up.


Secondly, you’ve got to ask them questions and talk to them. Have a look down your feed and see it it’s link after link, or worse, all about you. It’s never about you, it’s always about them.


Again, you wouldn’t walk into the room where they are waiting for you and just keep showing them things without asking any questions to see what they thought and then just talk about yourself would you?


That’s one hell of a dull party. (although I have been to a few like that in my time)


You’ve heard this one before but I can’t say it often enough, you have to give them interesting content. And that means content THEY are interested in, not what you THINK they are interested in.


Check your insights to see which posts get the most reaction and do more of those. It might be videos or it might be weekly workouts or a Q&A.


You’ve gotta give them a reason to show up. We do the Story of the Day because we know our audience is short on time BUT they need good content for their groups and pages. We are like a one stop shop where they call in and share the link. Job done. We have saved them time, given them something they needed, everyone is happy.


Facebook love it when you get LIKES, COMMENTS or SHARES and it means they will see you as more relevant and show your posts to more people in the future so it’s a win win.


If you are not getting any likes, comments or shares your page is dying and not at all relevant.


One sure fire thing you can do is a BOOSTED POST, I know they get a bad press but I don’t know why. I think they are great for hitting the warm audience you already have. Remember the 500 fans sitting on your page. You can boost a post for as little as £1 day to make sure they see what you are talking about.


And please don’t tell me you shouldn’t have to pay to play. We have never had it so good. You can hit all 500 people I would imagine for your £1, when was the last time you did that with a leaflet drop. These are people who have already put their hands up and said they are interested in what you have to show them.


Now, the mistake most people make NOW is that they will promote their latest class or whatever they are selling and send them that.


But just think about it for a moment.


Imagine yourself in that room with the other 499 people and you as the host have abandoned them long ago. You never ask them any questions, you keep talking about yourself and you keep showing them stuff you have little interest in.


Imagine you walk in the door now with a fanfare and talk to all 500 and the first thing you say is “hey good news I’m launching my new thang”.


Yep you will be met with a baying crowd. It’ll be like a scene from Game Of Thrones.


And so, yeah, I’m asking you to pay to show them some cool stuff without a payday for you. Boost your best blogs, ask some questions, throw some entertaining or educational videos up and see what response you get.


It’s an urban myth that if you pay it lowers your reach, in my opinion, I’ve never seen or heard any evidence to that fact, and let’s face it your page is on it’s ass anyway so what difference is it going to make?


I bet you that £1 that your page comes back to life in no time and then you can sell them your January classes!!


Let me know how you get on in the comments section and feel free to like and share this blog


PS: Come share the Story of the Day with your crowd


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