In our business, being a busy entrepreneur, working with clients and running your home, looking after yourself, you’d think we wouldn’t have time to get overwhelm, you’d think we wouldn’t have time to get lonely, but we do.


When it comes to the business side of things, many people in the “real” world still don’t get what we do.


They think it’s a bit of a hobby or a phase you are going through.


And if you start talking about online and mailchimp and facebook groups they look at you as if you’ve gone mad.


Our boot campers used to say to us “well you only work one hour a day when you’re here” they didn’t see all the marketing and funnels being built to draw clients in.


The didn’t see the meticulous way Eaton would work out his work outs and record them.


They didn’t notice all the social media and blogs we did. They just took it all for granted.


But in reality we were doing 8-10 hours behind the scenes and one hour on the field – a bit like rock stars who hit the stage hahahahaha.


I know it’s the same for you because I work with a lot of people in the fitness and wellness zone making all that back room stuff look easy.


BUT and it’s a big but.


It’s hard to keep the momentum going because you are basically a solitary human running everything.


And it’s SO easy to suddenly start feeling that overwhelm.


It’s easier not to do that blog post or Facebook post, nobody notices anyway.


But they do notice, and you have to keep up momentum and fight that overwhelm and that feeling of being lost and not knowing what to do.


You need a plan.


And that is the answer to overwhelm. Having a set plan every day, every week, every month and every quarter. Hell every year.


Now you can go ahead and figure out your plan on your own, as long as you have one is the main thing.


BUT what you could also do is order my 2018 Big Me Up Diary and Planner and inside I have all that you need to help you fight that overwhelm next year.


We start with a bit of a fun exercise to get you ready for the year ahead.


Every month we lay out our goals.


Every month we check in with our highlights.


And along the way I give you the framework to get things done and keep moving forwards in your business every week.


We also share all the fitness and wellness events coming up so you know what to talk about and focus on.


It’s a simple but very effective system.


Plus you get TWO other important things built into that.


1: The support of everyone else and we’re all meeting in the Big Me Uppers Group

2: Monthly editorial meetings inside the group to help you plan your PR and social media campaigns


Click here to order your 2018 Diary

It’s the same diary the Dreamies use as they go through their 2018 program with me so it will really help you to stay on track and avoid that overwhelm that can eat you alive and stop you doing all those brilliant things you have in mind now.


I’d love for you to join us and I’m really looking forward to our monthly editorials – it will be fun being an Editor again and brainstorming ideas with you.

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