I was at an event this weekend and one of the hot topic in the room and round the dinner table was Membership Sites.


People were either thinking of starting one or figuring out how to best serve the clients they already have.


Where are you with your online membership ideas?


Every single speaker at the event had an online membership product that they sell.


My own product suite consists of THREE membership sites – Press Club, the first which I created about FIVE years ago now.


Media School which is about three years old and teaches people all about how to get into newspapers, magazines, on radio and how to blog.


And finally my Signature Program The Dream Life Academy which is just going into it’s 2nd year.


Trust me, I’ve learned a lot of lessons along the way. Membership Sites is even a brand new module in Year 2 of The Dream Life Academy because the value of having one is enormous.


The value of keeping it alive though is even bigger and that’s the hardest task to do.


Here are some KEY facts you need to know if you are thinking of building one or if you have one already and it’s dying on it’s ass.


1: There is no such thing as passive income from a Membership site. You have to continue to create for it AND you have to be available personally (not some PA) to it for at least SOME of the time. Even if it is a low end product that doesn’t promise any access to you. You still have to show up.


2: On-boarding of clients is crucial and even the best sites in the world fail to do this properly. There will always be technical hitches but you can make if flow as easily as possible with some quick video tutorials about how to log on and find your way around. This is something I need to implement myself. It’s one of those jobs that gets left until last because you are so busy creating the content and then launching and selling.


But during those in between times, when the dust has settled, go back and tighten up that process.


3: Face to face contact is paramount. I honestly believe this. Yes it’s online and yes the information is there for your members to work with. BUT, and it’s a big but. For many of us when people buy into our products they are buying into us as a person and we have to show up.


Now that could be in person (we have a physical meet up every 90 days in DLA) it could be online in the form of a Q&A or a hangout on Zoom, it could be a personal video message or a phone call.


I know, I know, it’s more hard work and you’re probably thinking you’re going to create an online members’ site so you can do less not more but I’m telling you now, if you take yourself out of the equation it just won’t work in the long term.


So when you are planning your Membership Sites for the future factor yourself into them.


I’m thinking of putting on a physical event next year where we all get together for a couple of days training with some guest speakers and just to hang with other people from our world and learn more about the business and media landscape right now as we head into 2018.


If that is something that would interest you do me a favour, say YES in the comments and if I get enough I’ll go put the deposit down on a venue.

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