When it comes to getting clients it’s something most of us struggle with.

“Oh if only more people could see me, I know they would love me.”

More people equals more cash equals better lifestyle for you and yours.

Getting new clients is also something we tend to think of at the start of each season too.

When January comes around there will be a mad rush to get them.

Then Spring and Summer, we are always driving campaigns to get more clients.

And THAT is probably your first mistake.

Because number one in this blog post will solve that problem for you FOREVER.

1: Instead of constantly spending your time trying to get new clients spend that time and money selling more things to the clients you already have.

The second thing we tend to do is leave it to the last minute to get new clients. We realise January is rolling around and we’ll throw together a webinar or a squeeze page to try to recruit new members.

2: Plan your launches 90 days out so you create a real buzz early on about what you are bringing to the table for the New Year and have everyone clambering to sign up.

3: Give away your best content. That can be in a blog, via email, in a Podcast, on Live Broadcasts, there are so many ways to choose from nowadays. You can have your own Daily Show on InstaStories or a Weekly Show on YouTube. But when you give it comes back 100-fold without fail and you don’t ever have to push for a sale. You just have to push yourself to do it which the majority of people wont.

4: Grow your email list If you haven’t started one already then jump onto Aweber or Mailchimp and sign up for free today. Email marketing is still THE NUMBER ONE way to communicate with your audience because it’s one on one and very personal. You are in their in-box at least once a week growing that know, love and trust relationship. Be patient though, people can sit on your list for two years before they buy. The other day I spoke to a client who had been on my list for seven years.

5: Collaborate, collaborate, collaborate, working with others who have the same audience as you but they sell different products is the fastest way to get in front of new people who are going to love what you sell.

I hope that helps. And if you haven’t pre-sold with a 90 day launch don’t worry try one of the other suggestions, especially collaboration would work well for you here, team up with someone in your town to offer a joint promotion or put on a free festive workshop to get people through the door.

PLUS instead of trying to find new clients why don’t you just come up with a new product/service to sell to your existing clients. What are they all asking for at that time of year?

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