I have so many things I want to talk about in 2018 I’m all over the place writing notes in my notebook and coming up with ideas.


I have this stupid cold that’s set me back and my energy is non-existent right now. You probably feel similar… I don’t anyone who hasn’t had this cold and some people are getting it for the 3rd and 4th time.




One thing I definitely want to talk about this year and it’s helping me out right now as I stumble into the new year is my hashtag for the year and it is THIS.


#WHATIFITWASEASY – what does that look like?


It’s a question Tim Ferris talks about in his new book and it’s a game-changer and really helps me to sort my head out when I think there is a problem.


So on the 2nd Jan I was supposed to write all my goals down on paper and come up with a plan for the year. I was going to Tesco to do a big shop and get loads of healthy food in. I was going to do my meditation and a session at the gym.


And when I woke up I could hardly move and was full of snot.


I had to change my plans and ask myself “What if it was easy, what does that look like.”


That looked like doing the essentials on my laptop in bed where I was warm and not shivering.


That looked like doing an online shop instead of walking round the store.


That looked like lots of honey and lemon and rest.


That looked like watching my meditation video and joining in where I could, which was much easier than I thought.


That was going for a gentle walk round the block all wrapped up against the wind.


You will hear me talk about this concept a lot in 2018 but try asking it yourself today with any problem that you face. It’s amazing how simple it is to work out once you ask yourself what if it was easy what does that look like.


How are you re-energising for the new year ahead? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to like and share x

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