I’ve had loads of messages from people in the fitness and wellness world just lately telling me they can’t post in their groups or on their profile for 7 days and wondering what they’ve done wrong and how can they solve it.


Has it happened to you?


Have you been banged up in Facebook jail?


It’s a really frightening thing because if you are running groups and need to be in there to talk to your paying customers…. well… you could end up losing them and demanding their money back thinking you’ve abandoned them.


So how can we stop it happening in the first place?


The Number One reason you are going to get put in jail is something you do quite innocently not realising you are breaking the rules.


You post the same post in multiple groups – often they are village or selling groups, PT groups or women’s health groups.


You are just trying to spread the word about your latest offering or free challenge but unfortunately for you this is the way spammers also work, targeting multiple groups at the same time with the same post and that’s what Facebook sees and that’s why you get banned.


Keep doing it and you are in danger of losing your account altogether and we don’t want that. The trouble with having all of your clients on a social media platform like Facebook is that it can be taken away from you at any time and so you really need to convert people over from your groups and onto your email list.



Also if you are posting regularly into other people’s groups I think it’s good form to actually ask the admin to post the link for you. It gives you extra kudos and reduces the risk of being banned.


Try to spread your posts out into various groups across the week.


Another good practice is to always have a second admin on your page so that if ever the worst does happen you can still get access to your crowd so they don’t think you’ve disappeared on them. This should always be someone you trust, it could be a family member or best friend, your assistant or even your best customer who buys everything you ever put out. You will know who to choose.


And there you have it – how to stay out of jail and keep on delivering your amazing service day after day.

Have you had your account temporarily suspended? Let us know on the comments x

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