I did some LIVE training on Wednesday night with a group of hypnotherapists and I was teaching them all about how you can use Facebook Groups to grow your business.


It wasn’t until I wrote them all down that I realised there are so many varying groups that I use in my own business.


Today I thought I would share them with you.



I started with the basic group choice – Secret – Closed or Public.


This is one of the first questions you get asked when creating your group.


With Secret – no one can find it, no one can see who is in it and no one can view the posts. Perfect if you want to collaborate with some people and not let the world know.


Closed – my personal preference. People can find it and they can see who is inside but they can’t see any of the posts.


Public – is out there and attracts a big audience because everyone can find it, see who’s inside and see all the comments too but it depends how you feel and how your customers feel about having your discussions open for public scrutiny.


Ok now we’re done with the basics let’s take a look at some of the other groups you can use in your business.


1:Pop Up Group  I used these for a short campaign. So it could be a 5 Day Challenge or a 6 Week Summer School, I’ve used them for affiliate programs like last year when I was an affiliate for Marie Forleo’s B-School and we had a small group discussing her free training. I also use Pop Groups for my retreats so everyone can get to know each other BEFORE we arrive. Pop Up Groups pop up for the project you are working on and then you take them down.


2: Mastermind Group – I belong to a couple of Mastermind Groups, each one has just 3 members inside and we have a special group for us to diarise our talks and to share any links or documents or ask quick questions before we meet up next time.


3: Staff Group – When I ran my bootcamp and we had 9 sites throughout Nottinghamshire we had a lot of trainers working for us. The fastest way to talk to them all at once was via our Facebook Group. We would share workouts in there, people would ask for holiday cover or shift changes, they would request specialist equipment sometimes like the boxing gloves and we could arrange for them to have them. It was very useful. We would also share any interesting industry articles so everyone stayed up to date and we would ask for blogs for our website too.
4: Event Group – If you have an event coming up and need the key players to communicate together and share information this is a perfect place to meet. You can make it a secret group as no-one needs to know about it apart from those involved.
5: One to one group – I use these for my 121 clients and they are invaluable. There is just me and my client in there. They have the diary pinned to the top of the page so they can book their weekly appointment and the Zoom Room Link that we use too. They can ask quick questions throughout the week, drop sales copy or other documents in there that they would like me to review for them. Sometimes they just need to vent.
6: Paid For Group/support group – Anyone who is in my paid for programs like Dream Life Academy goes into a support group. Now the content is delivered via a membership site or via email marketing but they get all the support they need inside The Office which is where we meet. There is daily content for them to engage with. We organise our Meet Ups in there. Supplementary training is added in the forms of videos or lives or PDF’s. But the only people inside the group are my members who have paid to be part of the program.


7: Free Group or Feeder Group – These are my favourite types of groups for growing your business. It’s a free group where you invite people in and share great content and show your value and then you invite them to buy your products and services. It’s also a great lead generation tool because you want to create funnels that get people out of Facebook and onto your email list and you do that by inviting them to download your freebies or jump on webinars with you. Never underestimate the value of free, it comes back 100-fold and this type of group can be a great revenue earner.
There, who knew there were so many!! I’m sure there a few more examples that I haven’t even thought of. Email me back if you use a version I’ve not talked about I’d love to know about them.


And if you’re not using Facebook Groups right now then it’s the perfect time to get on board as the newsfeed changes recently announced by Facebook are favouring groups and community.
PS: If you’re not a member of Big Me Uppers my FREE Facebook Group where we talk PR and marketing then come on over and hang out https://www.facebook.com/groups/449927315111831/

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