Every week the Dreamies inside The Dream Life Academy (DLA) get a new lesson to help them grow their business, and it doesn’t stop there. I’m constantly updating them inside our meeting place The Office AND I add bonus modules too.


Yesterday I was busy putting the finishing touches to my NEW and very successful Radley Launch Formula.




1: Invest in a professional sales page that sits on your website and don’t use a DIY one, it makes a massive difference to sales and makes you stand out in the marketplace. It also highlights the fact that you are professional and are willing to invest in yourself. An important message when you are asking others to do the same.


2: Start planning your launch 90 days before you are ready to sell. That pre-launch phase is SO important to build awareness and get all the technicals sorted too.


3: Have great testimonials in the bag from people who have already gone through your program or have worked with you in the past. What other people say about you is far more powerful than what you say about yourself.


Here are some other unique features we bring to the table in The Dream Life Academy.




Every year the Dreamies get a gift in the post as soon as they join and it’s the Big Me Up Diary for the year which has the framework of my business plan inside but equally important is all the awareness days, weeks and months listed out for you so you can build your content and publicity around them.


We also share as many fitness, health and wellness events as possible so you know what is happening all year round and you can use them on social by posting on the platforms or as blog content.




Every year we start the Dream Life Academy with our goal setting exercise which is part of the Business Module and I get people to go into great depth. Not just about what they want their business to look like but what they want their “dream” life to look like too.


The way I break down goals is different to a lot of people out there and it’s a system that we work on annually, quarterly, monthly and weekly using our Big Me Up Diary to help us keep a track.


We also have an accountability check in every Monday where we take our diary goals and share with the rest of the group in The Office (our meeting place).





Last Friday we had a transformational day as we stopped what we were doing and took just 2 hours out of our very busy days to check in with ourselves and our business. I tell you it was worth £1,000’s because we were able to identify what WAS and what WASN’T working in our business.


This week we have all been making tweaks and changes to our business because of that exercise, and guess what? We’re going it again in another 90 days.


It’s such a helpful thing to do because it stops us going off track and losing ourselves which we’ve all been guilty of in the past. When that happens we never do end up reaching our goal and get to the end of the year and wonder where all that time went.


I guide you through the process so you make it to the end and you do hit your goal,





The Dreamies get special deals on all of my courses and always get first dibs on my events.




It’s where we hang out every day and is our meeting place on Facebook where I can drop news about new ideas or apps or features coming out. I can keep the guys updated with news on changes to social media platforms.


It’s also a great place for support if you are struggling or if you need help with something that you don’t know how to do. And sometimes it’s just nice to visit so you don’t feel so alone.


It’s also where I let them know about any events coming up.





Yes we meet up every quarter and we like to hop around the country so everyone has a chance to join in. This year we are doing two in London, one in Manchester and one in Nottingham.


Our first Meet Up of the year is happening next Friday in London where we’ve booked into a swanky restaurant in the heart of the financial district for lunch and wine.


For some of the guys it’ll be the first time they’ve met, even though they are firm friends inside The Office and see each other every day,


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