Did you know that Instagram isn’t just a bunch of pretty pictures? That there’s a whole secret world going on behind the scenes that many of your competitors don’t even know about.


That there’s a bunch of marketing tools you can use on the site to highlight what you do and bring your audience closer to you.


Want me to share?


Here’s a picture from this weekend that can really help YOU show up and really help you attract new people into your audience.

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I will explain all in a sec but first you need to know that this is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.


That there’s so much more magic, rainbows and unicorns you can bring to your A Game.


I hosted an HOUR-LONG MASTERCLASS  where I showed the basics that you need to know to take you from relative unknown to someone people identify with.


How to make sales and drive traffic to your website and sales pages as well as use it to attract influencers.


I’ll share my 5 step blogging secrets – you know Insta is a picture blog right?


What kind of account you need right now to make it work.


How many hashtags to get the algorithm working in your favour and not leaving you out to dry.


And so, so, so much more.



So did you know that every weekend Instagram has a special hashtag and you can tap into it and make it work for you? This weekends was all about unicorns.


It’s a feature called The Weekend Hashtag Project or #WHP for short and every weekend we get a new theme. We use it on our own pictures and it gets us in front of a whole new audience. Such a brilliant short cut to connect with new people.


Sometimes the hashtags are more relevant than other weeks but it’s a lot of fun and like I say puts you into a pool of people who are looking at these hashtags and helps you to get noticed.


Here’s a link so you can read up on the rules and why not join in next week and see if you get some new followers instead of watching them go down.




Yvonne “always looking to help you grow” Radley


Please fell free to comment and share x


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