When I was the Editor at Leicester Sound Radio Station most of our days in the busy newsroom were spent trying to find local “experts” to put a spin on a national media story.


You see we can all use talking heads – usually people from London – Government figures, someone from the press office, but there is nothing better to bring a story home and make it relevant to the listeners than to use local voices who can talk about what the situation is like right here and not just in the capital city.


I’m sure you have heard me say many times that to be an “expert” you just need to know more than the man in the street and more than the journalist and trust me you do.


As a journalist we know a little bit about a lot of stuff, that’s our job. But when it comes to knowing about fitness, health and wellness issues well that’s your job and we would love to hear from you. Not only that but it’s great hearing about situations straight from the horse’s mouth from people actually working in the industry every day.


Now you probably think you don’t have a story to tell or you don’t have an opinion on stories out there but you do.


Hear me out.


All this week I’ve been holding Editorial Meetings with the guys in Media School and over in the free Big Me Uppers group. I do it every month to highlight some of the stories coming up.


For example, it’s Men’s Health Awareness Week in June and I’ve been giving the guys ideas for Press Releases but also for blog posts and social media campaigns to get the conversation started (and that all important engagement).


Now you are probably thinking (quite rightly) well I don’t serve men I serve women. And if that is the case it doesn’t mean you can’t talk about Men’s Health and in fact it probably means you should talk about it more because all of these women you serve has husbands, fathers and sons and you need to keep them educated with what’s happening in the world.


Men’s Health Awareness this year is all about the dangers of diabetes. We give you a done for you press release with helpful tips and links to reports – all you have to do is fill in the blanks and send it out.


In fact if you are not brave enough to send it out you can just use it as a blog post.


One thing I can guarantee is there’s a journalist just like me currently searching for a local fitness and health professional who can give her a few pointers about exercise and food that can help with combating diabetes and a quote about what men need to be doing to look after themselves.


Could that be you?


If you want to check out the Editorial Meeting you can view it in the Big Me Uppers group completely free.


Or if you want the FULL version and the press release why not join us in Media School where we have a special offer on for May at just £25/month.


You can cancel at any time if you don’t like it but 100’s of people just like you have taken the leap and nowadays you can find them in the magazines, in the newspaper and on the radio talking with confidence and keeping journalists happy.


Here’s a snapshot of some of the recent wins. Next month it could be you featured in our collage.

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Just click the link here to read more about Media School https://bigmeupmedia.com/media-school/


There is NO FASTER WAY to be the voice of authority – to gain kudos that money can’t buy – to attract an audience to you than being in the paper or on radio.


And when people see you as an expert they are more than happy to trust you and spend money with you.


You can spend money on Facebook ads and Google ad words. You can spend hours on Facebook and Instagram.


But five minutes to send out a press release every week will bring you more leads than you ever thought possible and it’s free.


Come and find out about all the stories coming up in the next 3 months that you can use in your PR and marketing campaigns.


Come and get ideas for your blogs and social media.


Come and learn how to pitch like a pro and get to where you want to be.


Come and help your local journalist and the local people living in your town.


Yvonne “love the buzz of a newsroom” Radley




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