Creating social media content.
It’s a problem we all have day after day, how to keep churning content out on all platforms to make sure we’re seen and make those all important sales.
It’s probably the biggest bug bare that people complain about.
“I just don’t have the time to be on social media all day.”
“I put stuff on Facebook but I just don’t have time for the other platforms>”
“I was blogging every week but then I got out of the habit.”
I hear ya!! It’s a massive problem.
But it really doesn’t have to be.
There’s one thing that you can do to get off this non-stop runaway train and gain control of your social media again.
And what if I told you – you can be everywhere by actually doing less?
I know, crazy right, but oh so true.
You see when it comes to social media it’s not about CREATING CONTENT.
It’s how you DISTRIBUTE content that is key.
You have many different audiences on many different platforms.
Your Instagram audience is not the same as your Facebook audience.
The key to getting content out there is NOT to create more and more.
But to create ONE piece and then chop it up for all platforms.
Personally I prefer a blog post (or newsletter) because this often generates the most income for you.
Let’s look at how you can do this.
1: You take that blog post (newsletter) and you send it out to your email list.
2: You take one article from that newsletter and you turn it into a website post.
3: You take the picture you used in the article and you post it on Instagram and Pinterest with a link or a mini write up.
4: You take another section from your newsletter and you turn that into a LinkedIn article.
5: You take one sentence from your website article that makes a great quote and you take the link and you post it on Twitter to drive traffic back to your website.
6: You post the link on your Facebook Page – not just once but once a day (daily content) (the algorithm likes that) with different quotes. Don’t worry no-one will complain that they are seeing you too often. Only one person out of every 100 is seeing your business page anyway and so you are just making sure you distribute it to more people. And if you think it will make your page look funny rest assured. No-one is visiting your page, they just see it in the newsfeed.
7: You share your link in your Facebook groups.
These are all easy wins that you should be doing everyday.
It will probably take you 30 mins on a Monday morning to chop this up and schedule on Facebook and using a scheduler for other platforms like Hootsuite or Tailwind.
Do you have 30 mins each week to make sure you show up every day?
Can you create one piece of content each week to help move your business forwards?
On Wednesday I’ll talk about how you can use the same approach when it comes to making sales in your business too.
In today’s marketplace it’s all about getting savvy and we have the technology at our fingertips to make it look like we are everywhere when in reality we are just getting our head down at the start of the week and cruising for the rest of the week.
Yvonne “making life easier for busy entrepreneurs” Radley

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