How would you like to double your sales this Summer?


Have you even set a revenue goal that you’d like to achieve over July/Aug? What if I said let’s double that, does that fill you with excitement or fear?


Sometimes it’s a good idea to step away from the norm and try new things and the summer months are a great time to experiment.


So here’s 4 ideas to get you thinking on this Monday as summer approaches and you decide what to do.


1: Hold an event. There are a couple of ways you could do this. One way is to charge for your event and get people in the door and make money on the door. The second is to hold a free event and then sell them a program once they are inside. Either way it’s a win win situation if you have no events planned currently.


2: Add new products/services to your product suite. When I ran my bootcamp we did outdoor yoga classes in the park one summer and it was a huge success. We also tried out kids clubs, boxing club, running club, kettlebell course. All classes that we could go really deep on technique and learning. If you were to run a summer class what would it be?


3: Hold a sale. How about offering up a special deal on your annual package? Or what about bundling some old products/services together and selling as a Special Offer. Maybe you have some old stock left over that you could add in, books, mats, water bottles.


4: Try a new social media platform. If you only ever “sell” on Facebook how about going over to Instagram or Twitter or LInkedIn and meeting a whole new audience who would be interested in your products/services.


And there you have it four quick ways to make a quick buck. No opt ins or funnels to create, just good old fashioned marketing.


What do you think? Ae you going to try any of them, let me know?



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