Do you come up with great ideas for your business and then talk yourself out of doing anything about them because you’re worried what people will say or think.   You worry about the backlash or treading on people’s toes who are already doing what you want to do?   You fear rejection of your big idea and in the end you get overwhelmed and stay in your bubble where you are happy.   We have all been there…..   But we don’t have to stay there.   Just like Jane Thomas who you will meet in a sec. She wanted to change her business this year but she lacked focus and was looking for guidance.   Sound familiar? We have a million and one ideas and no idea how to move forwards.   In the Dream Life Academy I use simple techniques to help you to picture your big goals and then give you the tools and more importantly the CONFIDENCE to go out there and nail them.   I hold you accountable so there’s no slipping through the net – yes I’m very hands on and will message you if I think you’re backing off.   And you have 39 other people in the group all cheering you on in your endeavours – can you imagine how powerful that is?   The Dream Life Academy isn’t about the money, or the fancy cars and holidays, it isn’t about your job title or your elevator pitch.   It’s all about how to plan for what you want in all aspects of your life, set realistic AND outlandish goals, set deadlines, achieve them and then go for it.   The reason so many people in The Dream Life Academy live their dreams is because we keep it real and I will challenge you to push the envelope further than you first imagine. So in fact you end up living a life WAY BEYOND your dreams.   That’s why the people inside love it SO MUCH.   Jane Thomas is living her dream life with an appearance recently on the BBC and she’s added a whole new revenue stream to her business which let’s her follow her true vocation and passion in her career.   Click the link or the picture to watch a 2 min video where Jane explains why you can benefit from joining DLA too.

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