These are the 4 key elements I believe you need if you are to have a successful business right now in 2018.


So what can I teach you from our 12 week Business Module? There’s so much inside this intensive course. And I like to think we do things a little differently with our Ideal Days and our Hashtag for the year, but you’ve heard me talk about those before.


Today I’d like to talk about something I haven’t really spoken about publicly. Something you can only get on the inside.


The Fact Finder is a massive document I get you to fill out and it’s designed to show you where the holes are in your business so be prepared. We do have feelings of overwhelm when we see it for the first time and we do struggle to fill it out.


However, once you’ve taken a good long look at what’s under the hood so to speak, it’s time to get down to work and start plugging those holes in your business.


Now I can’t take you through the entire document as it forms a large part of the content we cover on the inside plus we would be here all day.


But there’s ONE QUESTION on there that always surprises people and makes them think.


It’s also a key to unlocking a secret door in your business that can take you from being an ordinary, everyday biz, going through the motions, to someone who stands out in the market place and helps you create an actual MOVEMENT.


Would you like that?


Remember now, this is just one question in this detailed document and it has the power to transform who you are and who you serve. Yes it’s connected to your customer.


Are you ready?


It has nothing to do with avatars or ideal clients. I’m sure you’re tired of filling those in.


This one small thing could change the game for you and switch your business up.


QUESTION: Lady Gaga has Little Monsters, the title given to her fans, we also have Beliebers, Swifties and Directioners. What are your fans/tribe called?


Gaga was one of the first celebrities to name her tribe and in the online space it suddenly meant they all had an identity. You didn’t have to wait until the next concert you had a community that you could access anytime.


For me, the guys in my Dream Life Academy are affectionately referred to as Dreamies. It makes us a unit and gives a sense of pride and belonging.


When people know, love and trust you, when you give them some place to belong, when YOU create a community with values and goals, well then you foster loyalty and you become a leader. You have a movement and you can change the world.


So the question is – who is your tribe, what are they called?


Just a little something for you to think about on this beautiful Monday morning. I’d love for you to come work with me inside the Academy next year. To be a Dreamy and change the way you think and feel about business.


To do some new things and reinvent yourself and your business, to push the boundaries and become the leader you know you are inside.


Let me challenge you and see where we end up this time next year.


Yvonne “Dreamy” Radley



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