All this week I’m sharing lessons with you from inside The Dream Life Academy.


On Monday we looked at Business and on Friday we are examining Story.


Today is the turn of Media. When I first started my business I used to teach traditional media, how to get into newspapers, magazines and on radio.


But my business started right at the time of the social media explosion and so now a lot of what I teach is around this subject too, particularly content marketing on Facebook and Instagram.


I spend a lot of time researching and studying and for the past few years I have travelled to the Social Media and Marketing World Conference to bring you the very latest from the experts.


But it’s also about spotting trends and having experience in the industry and just yesterday I spotted a trend that Facebook used that I have used with my clients in the past.


Today I want to share that trend with you.


It’s something that makes you stand out in the market place and gets you talked about within your community.




Which I’m sure you’ve figured out by name is the name of the game.


The trouble is, you may not want to do this thing that I’m about to share with you, because it is going to get you attention and get you talked about.


It’s a form of disruption marketing and journalists love this kind of thing, we love anything that stands out in the crowd.


Anything that can give us an immediate headline.


Are you ready?


You probably saw it yourself yesterday and thought WHAT? Or WTF?


I want YOU to hop on this bandwagon and go for it.


Yes, I’m challenging you to step out of your comfort zone to stand out Yvonne, it’s what we do at the academy.


Ok, here goes.


Yesterday Facebook and Instagram ran a joint ad all about learning how to do video advertising for your Christmas Campaign.


Yes I did just say the ‘C” Word, in the middle of a heatwave.


Now you don’t have to get as fancy as Facebook, a boosted post will work just as well and they’re easy to do.


But what will happen if you run an ad offering your services, explaining that if they do it now they will have the results by Christmas?


They used a snow globe in their imaging – brilliant – it really stood out in the feed.


You could use Santa, Mrs. Clause, gifts, a snow scene, elves, anything blooming Christmassy.


To be REMARKABLE is easy, people just have to remark upon you and what you are doing.


Are you ready to be remarkable?


If so, by all means try out an ad or a boosted post for your Christmas Campaign but also why not put your name onto our VIP Wait List and join us in The Dream Life Academy this year when doors open in just over a week.



Yvonne “bringing you the gift of Christmas early” Radley



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