I’ve been taking some downtime and working on my forthcoming book “How To Live An [Ordinary] Dream Life” and it’s been a lot of fun and led to some interesting ideas – one of which I’m about to share with you.

I joined this random new writing group only to leave just as fast after it resembled a mix of liberal youth club and apocalyptic zombies. It wasn’t for me.

Going back to my roots and dipping my toe into the literary world reminds me why I left in the first place but also how much I’ve grown as a person and as a writer with all the adventures I’ve had in the past 8 years on my entrepreneurial journey.

Things that have led me to live my Ordinary Dream Life. And why do I call it that? Because it’s definitely NOT what most people talk about on the internet when they shoot videos from yachts and far away islands, fast cars and big houses, beautiful people generally in beautiful places talking about get rich schemes that only seem to work for them. Funny that.

No when I talk about a dream life, it’s way more than that. It’s not about material possessions at all. In fact it got me thinking over the holidays and I came up with a list. Feel free to create your own.

30 Ways To Live An Ordinary Dream Life [for me]

1: Do what you want to do every day.

2: Have time to spend with loved ones.

3: Create the things you think about, actually take them from your head, put them on paper and make them a reality.

4: Visit all the places on your bucket list and some that aren’t just by going along for the ride.

5: Having a great view.

6: A five hour lunch break with besties that only feels like five minutes.

7: Loving your work so much that you are lost without it.

8: Not being constrained by the clock.

9: Taking time to look up at the sky every day.

10: Smelling the coffee.

11: Having enough money to pay your way.

12: Exploring passions.

13: Having abundance whenever you need it.

14: Live within your own values.

15: Stop feeling guilty about being different to everyone else.

16: Meditating.

17: Learning from people you’ve never even met in the real world.

18: Embracing things you don’t fully understand.

19: Creating a morning routine that suits you.

20: Being quiet.

21: Doing nothing at all.

22: Exploring possibilities.

23: Being able to afford the extras in life.

24: Discovering new things about yourself that have always been there.

25: No longer having to commute.

26: Look forward to hanging out with clients.

27: Taking guilt free time out.

28: Living a healthy stress free lifestyle.

29: Being more that you ever dreamed of.

30: Being you.

What does your list look like?

Yvonne “loves a list” Radley


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