It’s that time of year isn’t it when everyone’s looking for something new to try? Everyone wants to get fit after the long and heady summer, but it seems as though you are competing along with everyone else on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter including the big brands like Weight Watchers.


What can you do to stand out?


How do you make yourself seen and heard in a very crowded marketplace?


Today I’m going to share 5 key steps with you that will help you make more sales this year.


1: Add A Twist.


To stand out in the market place you must SOUND different to everyone else  – even if what you are offering is ultimately the same. I mean, come on, what everyone is offering is exercise and nutrition advice on the whole. So, you have to wrap it up in a new and exciting way. Weight Watchers is concentrating their marketing on flexible eating and have launched the Fitness Flex along with an app.


Now obviously they have a massive marketing budget, but you can adopt the same lessons to your campaign to make it individual. Maybe you’ll focus on their Sleep or Mindset, maybe you go the opposite and offer a Strict plan for those who need accountability.


Just DON’T talk about the same things everyone else is talking about and that way you will stand out and get noticed. Look at Joe Wicks with his 15-minute meals, that was his twist. Focus in on one thing.


2: Put the work in beforehand.


Yep unfortunately nowadays you can’t really rock up on open day and set out your stall. You need to have put the hard graft in many months before. Dishing out free content and building your following whether that’s on Instagram or in a Facebook Group. When people buy, they are buying you and all that you stand for.


Does your audience know what you stand for? Is your messaging clear? Ae you showing up every single day even on the weekends? Or are you hiding in the shadows and not talking about yourself?


If you are you have already done the hard work and you will notice how sales will flow as soon as you make your offer. If you’re not, don’t worry, you have three months now to nail it ready for the New Year sales.


3: Be human.


It might sound like an odd one but so many people try to make sales using out-sourcing and automation. People like to buy from people so get to know your crowd and let them get to know you. Meet up with them in person whenever you can. Keep in touch daily using amazing tools like Instagram Stories and let them see inside your life.


Let them meet the people you hang with, the places you go, the things you do. And the best part? Being human doesn’t cost you a penny and it’s the most powerful tool in your marketing bag.


4: Know what your customer wants.


Now this one sounds easy but trust me, it’s SO easy to get wrong. When was the last time you ASKED your customers what they want? Have your surveyed them or taken them out for a coffee recently? You may THINK you know what they want but I can pretty much guarantee it’s the OPPOSITE of what you think. So, save yourself a lot of wasted time and create a poll in a Facebook Group and start asking and then go create that.


When you serve up what your clients want sales will flow. If selling is a struggle it’s probably because they don’t want what you’re offering so re-package it and try again.


5: Timing is everything.


It’s no good trying to sell summer holidays now, everyone is back at school and back at work, you just wouldn’t do well. There is no demand. Similarly, now IS the perfect time to start selling fitness so don’t hang around getting everything perfect. The time to sell is now, now, now.


If you get your timing wrong you will miss out so make sure you are organised and ready to meet the deadline.


I hope these 5 key steps help YOU to land more sales this year. I’m not selling anything right now. I’m just busy showing up providing value to help you in the hope that one day in the future you will buy from me.




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