You know your blog is important, but you don’t always do it.


IT’S THE NUMBER ONE way to make sales in your business.


So why aren’t you all over that?


Probably fear right?


You don’t know what to write about? You don’t want to ask for sales? You don’t wanna be laughed at, or thought stupid, or even worse, REJECTED.


I hear ya Boo and trust me, you are NOT alone. Every fitness or wellness peep I’ve ever talked to about this has the same issues. It’s not your natural habitat. You are fine teaching class and wonder why you can’t convey that on paper as well?


Well It’s a whole other ball game. Not everyone can do what you do day in and day out. But I can definitely help you with because the pen and paper or the keyboard and computer because THEY are my class. I’ve been doing this for 30 years now and so I like to think I’ve picked a few things up along the way that I can share with you to help you get some shamazing results.


Here’s some things you need to know when it comes to blogging. Are you ready for the tough love? #sorrynotsorry


1: Blogging out performs social media by a country mile. Getting into people’s in-boxes is THE BEST WAY to connect one on one with them, build a relationship and then sell to them. Fact.


2: You HAVE to grab your reader’s attention and then you have to keep it. Most fitness and wellness peeps (can I just say I love ya and I say this with love) well you love to teach when you’re blogging. You’re always telling us what to do and how to do it and trying to help us live a healthier life and I get that. That’s your j.o.b. but actually, it gets boring and we switch off.


Imagine if you went out with your friends and all they ever talked about was the same thing time after time after time, we all have friends like that right? The girlfriend who won’t leave her husband ever, even though she spends two hours fantasising about it with us on a girly night out.


Or that friend who can only talk sports, or the one who’s always gonna leave their job but never does. What happens to those friendships? We start seeing them less often and eventually they die because we are exhausted at having the same conversation over and over and over and over.


Am I right?


Are you actually one of those friends? Check your last ten blog posts. Do you only ever talk about fitness and wellness?

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