I know, I know, we’re all supposed to have our morning routines down.


Maybe a bit of meditation?


A workout?


Positive affirmations?


How about reading?


And of course, journaling. You can even buy a myriad of journals to do it in depending on what you want to achieve in life.


I know people who have four or five journals – all to keep them on track and help them get to where they want to be in life.


It seems so many people start their day the same way nowadays.


Or do we?


I for one I am putting my hand up and admitting there are many, many gaps in my journal.


When things are tickety-boo and going along smoothly I don’t feel the need to pour my heart out on paper and see what comes up. I’m too busy living in the now and loving the day to day busy-ness.


It’s only when things go wrong or I get overwhelmed that I feel the need to reach for my Moleskin and ballpoint as if they are my new best friends, actually scrub that, two old best friends who know me so well.


I even find myself apologising to the pad. “I’m so sorry I’ve neglected you I’ve been so busy having a great time living my life, drinking way too much and probably not working hard enough.” 


“But now I’m back and I’ve had too much sugar and my heart is racing and my deadline’s looming, I’m such a mess. Why do I always do this to myself. Why can’t I stick to this one small habit?”


And so it starts again. Our self-analysis, giving ourselves a good talking to, getting things off our chest.


And that’s great.


But you know what, it’s also great when you take time out. When you burst out of your normal routine and go live about all the things you talk about in your journal. You know all those goals you write down at the beginning of the year, all those hopes and dreams and places you want to experience. Take in every sight and sound and smell.


Don’t ever feel guilty for not journaling every day.


Don’t even feel guilty for not sticking to a rigid routine.


If your journal is only half full it shows that you are busy living life and your pages will be richer for all the stories you can tell when you are reunited with the pen and paper.


When you can empty your mind, write about your experiences and conjure up new ones.

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