You know I like to travel the world and keep you up to date with all things social media to help you grow your business. And I love it. It’s like being a reporter again bringing you all the latest news. But there’s a new headline that nobody’s writing about Yet.

A new trend that seems to be going unnoticed.


And as much as I love to bring the news to you I feel that it’s also my duty to spot these trends and break the news too.




A.I is already being replaced with H.I


Artificial intelligence has been big news for the past couple of years. When I went to The Social Media Marketing World Conference in California two years ago it dominated the arena, it was all anyone was talking about and there were gadgets we could all try out and step into that virtual world.


Last year, not so much. It didn’t really pop on my radar. There were talks about it in the lecture theatres but a lot of the gadgets had gone and it just wasn’t as prevalent.


Now don’t get me wrong, it’s still coming. And you’ve probably already seen people in the fitness and wellness business use it with their Messaging Bots sending you automated responses.


Sometimes you might come across a bot when you talk via a chat box on a website.

Let’s Talk About This

How did it make you feel?


As a customer? When you got that automated message? When you tried to get the bot to understand what you were trying to explain?


Undervalued? Frustrated? A bit cheated?


When it comes to SMALL businesses like ours. When it comes to the service industry. There is one marketing ploy that you can deploy that will make your clients feel….






Grateful for you.


I’ve seen it in action this year. I used it in my own sell out launch of Dream Life Academy.


It is H.I.


Or Human Intelligence.


Forget Artificial intelligence your clients don’t want that, they want the real deal. They want to talk to you. They want messages from you. They want to get in a room with you.

New Way To Market
  • Pinterest
  • Gmail
  • LinkedIn

Give it a try and see what happens. When was the last time you had a phone conversation with one of your clients or potential clients? When was the last time you went out and met people interested in learning from you?


Plan Your Content For 2019


Look at your schedule coming up in 2019? Are you planning on building bots or are you organising meet ups?


AI does have it’s place in the world and it’s great for the big websites with lots of traffic, and I’m not against automation. This email is automated. I wouldn’t have time to send it out individually. And pop up message bots are a great idea to get that first message. But then you’ve got to take over.


You have to have real conversations with people to sell to them. They are buying into YOU not a bot. Don’t get swept along thinking you have to have the latest gadget in your business.


You are your business and you are the connection they are looking for.


How can you use H.I in you biz this week pop a comment below?




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