Have you seen the shops are full of Christmas trees and gifts now? It’s time to think about what and how we can sell more during this festive season.
So today I’ve come up with a few ideas that you use in your business.
Selling fitness, health or wellness NOW is a smart move because you avoid that January rush when EVERYONE is trying to sell it. And if you get the clients now they won’t be looking elsewhere at the start of the year.

So here’s a few ideas

1: A 3 for 2 offer, as in give them 3 months training from November to January and they get December free. We all know they aren’t showing up in December anyway and this way you lock them in to your program and stop them going elsewhere in the New Year.
2: Offer a gift at this time of year to anyone who joins, people will always be swayed by an incentive. It could be a piece of equipment, a T-shirt, or a festive offering.
3: How about a 12 Days of Christmas free giveaway? It doesn’t have to cost a lot and could be free workouts or small items.It’s a great way to drive traffic to your website or you could do it as an opt in and grow your list.
4: Throw a Christmas party and invite people from your town. Let them come and meet you, have some fun and obviously have an amazing deal waiting for them.
5: Give away a holiday guide (with a  promotion attached) helping people to get over the festive season relatively unscathed. You could send this out to you email use or use it as an opt in to get new people interested.
I hope that’s got your brain ticking over this morning and got you thinking about what you can do to hit the ground running in January.
What are you planning to do during the Christmas period, let us know by leaving a comment?

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