Do you ever get overwhelmed when it comes to marketing and social media?


Hey I don’t blame you if you do.


I do and I work in it!


It’s SO blooming hard to keep up to date nowadays.

And there are so many conflicting courses and advice on social media.

Today I thought I would share with you my current take on the landscape and 8 things you should concentrate on in your own marketing


1: Email Marketing is by far the Number One tool for talking to and selling to your customers. It out-performs social media by a million miles (might be a slight exaggeration there but you get the picture) It’s THE way to market if you want to earn a living.


2:Instagram Stories If you can bring yourself to get on camera expect to engage your audience, build a tribe and sell lots more of your products. You don’t need to create any special content just document your day, people love the small stuff.


3: Blogging is still high on the list (and in my mind linked to number one) I am a fan of sending your blogs via email marketing just like this one you are reading now.


4: Live broadcasts – on any platform are a win win win. Did you know you can even go live on LinkedIn nowadays?


5: Podcasting – more and more people are listening to podcasts, if you see them in the gym with their headphones in chances are they’re listening to a podcast nowadays and not music.


6: Facebook Groups add another level to a paid for course where you can offer support and access to you. You can even have units inside your group to share content nowadays.


7: Twitter cuts out the PR companies and Agents – we can contact celebrities and journalists directly nowadays. Do more of this to get your message out there.


8: Hashtags – you should be following hashtags and creating your own on Instagram to keep in touch with what’s happening in your community.


The landscape has changed a lot over the past couple of years. Facebook dominated for a long time and now I feel it’s becoming more and more irrelevant with Instagram taking the lead.


Email has always been at the top of the pile and I believe it always will be so if you are not communicating with your email list or if you don’t even have one then I would recommend you work on that next.


Podcasting is definitely on the rise and here to stay. There’s never been a better way to communicate on a deeper level with your crowd and give them amazing advice in a half hour slot. Plus you can multi-task while you’re listening so you can listen on the treadmill, driving the kids to school or walking the dog.


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In this week’s episode I talk to fitness guru Paul Mort and his wife Lesley. I wanted to find out how his bi-polar had effected the family and it’s a fascinating interview with Paul getting quite emotional especially when Lesley tells the story from her perspective.


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Something to think about when it comes to marketing next year and a great resource where I can dive deep with you on questions you’ve probably want answered for ages. Enjoy the Podcast and don’t miss this week’s episode by subscribing in iTunes xxx

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